I Love Money

Monday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jul 06, 2008 In Season





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  • The best of VH1's mini-celebrities duke it out for some cash.

    The past contestants of VH1's most popular line of series are back after either losing love, or flunking Charm School. The most memorable or personal favorites of viewers return to win 250,000 dollars with hsot Craig Jackson. Cast members include New York's 12 Pack, Midget Mac, Whiteboy, Heat, Chance & Real, Mr. Boston and The Entertainer; Brett's lineup is Brandi C., Megan, Destiney, Rodeo/Cindy and Heather--(What, no Lacey)??; Flav's best girls are Nibblz, Pumkin, Toastee and season one winner of Flavor of Love, Hoopz. The show was very entertaining, and one of the best shows VH1 has producded using their "celebrities." Overall, awesome show, hope they continue with this!!
  • A very terrible show to me.

    This show is one of the worst shows on VH1.I mean,I think it's not better than that best I Love The New Millenium.It's not even a good reality show like Total Drama Island.It stinks.A show like this would never ever be a very good reality show.VH1 makes the baddest reality shows like Charm School or Rock Of Love or Flavor Of Love.All those shows including this makes VH1 one of the worst reality show makers in the history of worst reality shows.Well,I'm the only one that thinks that and I think that this channel really stinks at making reality shows.
  • a great creative reality show.

    Past contestants from VH1 series Flavor of Love , I Love New York , and Rock of Love battle one another in this reality competition spinoff hosted by Craig J. Jackson. The show takes place on the remote tropical beach paradise of Huatulco, Mexico. Each may have lost on the past shows but this show will give them a chance to battle against one another for a chance to win $250,000.This show is filled with a lot of creative and crazy moments. Even though the commercials give tooo much info......its still a blast to watch. seriously,i love this show.yeah....... lol
  • One by One they fell like dollar bills off a stripper.

    I didn't watch Flavor of Love, I didn't watch Rock of Love and I sure as _ _ _ _ didn't watch I Love New York but I Love Money is one reality show that has a point. I totally wanted Toastee (the toast master) to win but who didn't know Hoopz was going to take it all? I'm amazed to how long Megan stayed on the show, (never underestimate the blond in the skimpy bikini). So Megan out lasted Real. And Hoopz out lasted Whiteboy, so much for the untouchable stallioneers. I can't wait for the reunion. It'll be green an gold.
  • I Love Money is the return of our favorite VH1 Celebreality-Romantic Reality show characters. However it removes the questionable love scenarios, and goes straight to something more realistic. The love of money.

    Like many people, I was admittedly looking forward to the new VH1 Reality Show: I Love Money. I'll admit to watching all the Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York episodes, and getting behind several of the characters in their quests to find "love." Admittedly the shows were always questionable. Do I really think that Hoopz, Pumkin, or New York wanted anything to do with Flava Flav that wasn't directly related to fame/money/television? No.

    So then you have this show. It completely eliminates the unrealistic romance angle, and gives the contestants something more realistic to fight for. Money. Some of the best characters from all three of the VH1 Celebreality "Love" shows are returned, and they are scheming, backstabbing, and fighting more than ever. It's a formula that admittedly works, and like all the other shows before it, it's a complete guilty pleasure that I promptly watch every Sunday, and frequently catch the reruns that show all week. The show has an odd formula compared to other shows of similar premises. Much like Survivor the contestants were put into two teams. These two teams would nominate a Team Captain every week. The Team Captain often leads the team to victory or failure. Should their team win then they become the "Paymaster." The losing team sends three people to the chopping block, and out of those three people the Paymaster sends one of them home.

    And so it goes on for weeks, until (much like Survivor) the two teams merge into one. Only one can win the $250,000.

    The show has all the alliances, drama, and characters you expect from this type of deal, and I would certainly advise anyone who enjoyed the Rock/Flavor of Love and New York series to tune into this show... it's a better way of keeping these characters going than another season of Flavor of Love.
  • A show that pits VH1 Celebreality stars against each other for a chance to win $250,000 in a Big Brother/Survivor format.

    As a huge fan of Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love, I was of course excited to hear about this new show. I never would've thought those people would be living under one roof. I'm rooting for Hoopz all the way, she's my favorite out of everyone. The game is kinda like Big Brother, which I love, and thats why I'm so drawn to it. I know there will be lots of drama because the cast is so diverse and they definitely will get on each other's nerves. VH1 has had me hooked on their channel since FOL began in 2006. I can't wait to find out who will win the $250,000! Go GOLD Team!!!
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