I Love Mummy - Season 1

YTV (ended 2003)


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  • Enter the Mummy
    Enter the Mummy
    Episode 1
    The Barnes family moves into a new home previously owned by recently deceased Aunt Agnes, a lover of all things Egyptian. They make the startling discovery that a real live mummy is living in the attic. At first afraid, the family led by young son James, accept the mummy and reluctantly allow him to stay until he finds his way safely into the afterlife.moreless
  • James Falls in Love
    James is in love with a girl that lives across the street. Nuff, thinking he's helping his young friend, decides to tell the girl about James' feelings. Problem is – Nuff tells the wrong sister! At a ‘get to know the neighbours' party, Nuff tries to fix things by slipping some love potion into the party platters. He accidentally creates a truth potion, making for a very interesting party indeed!moreless
  • Science Fair
    Science Fair
    Episode 3
    James is determined to beat his rival at this year's school science fair. He decides to do a project on the secrets of how the pyramids were built but Nuff's answer isn't helpful -use big bricks and lots of slaves. Nuff brings his Uncle Hep to life to assist James with his science fair project because Hep really does know the secrets.moreless
  • Curse of the Mummy
    Curse of the Mummy
    Episode 4
    Ed is running into a string of incredibly bad luck and soon becomes convinced this is the curse of the mummy, so he decides to banish Nuff from the house. Meanwhile, Stephy tries her hand at baby-sitting a neighbour's bratty kid.
  • Invaders of the Forgotten Tomb
    The Barnes' discover that a Hollywood film company has come to town to make a movie about Prince Nuffratutti of Abu Simbel. Movie Nuff, however, is portrayed as an evil villain. James and Nuff head to the film set to set the record straight. Nuff gets a part in the movie and goes Hollywood. Stephy attempts to get her parents roles in the movie.moreless
  • Oh My Goth
    Oh My Goth
    Episode 6
    James has joined the staff of the school newspaper. The editor, who happens to be a Goth chick, gets a glimpse at Nuff and is instantly smitten. The family becomes preoccupied with this new visitor. James searches for the great news story that will impress her; Stephy, knowing her father is a famous designer, is concerned about how she looks and Nuff does everything he can to avoid her.moreless
  • Wheel of Reincarnation
    James is being picked on by a bully at school, and is horrified when the bully shows up at his front door. The bully is the brother of Stephy's friend, Brenda Hadley and to make matters worse, Stephy has a crush on the boy. Nuff thinks this kid might be the reincarnation of a horrible bully in Ancient Egypt who terrorized him.moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 8
    In his introduction to this scariest of holidays, Nuff naively sets up Stephy with three different dates to the Halloween dance. All attempts to rectify the situation fail and Nuff, Stephy and James attend the Halloween dance together, where Nuff's unique moves on the dance-floor are the hit of the evening!moreless
  • Homesick
    Episode 9
    Nuff is not his usual arrogant self. He is home sick. He misses his ancient Egyptian family. To make it up to him, the Barnes' decide to play dress-up. The entire family, including a reluctant Stephy, dress in Egyptian garb and re-enact ancient rituals as they celebrate the Harvest Festival with Nuff.moreless
  • Eclipse
    Episode 10
    James' latest school project involves documenting the upcoming solar eclipse. Nuff is terrified because in the ancient world an eclipse of the sun meant the pharaoh would die and Ra might never return. While building a model of the eclipse, James explains to Nuff what it involves. Nuff is no longer as worried, and James and Nuff watch the eclipse together.moreless
  • If I Only Had a Brain
    The Barnes' are having a yard sale and the Canopic Jar containing Nuff's brain is accidentally put up for sale. Nuff becomes sillier and stranger the further away his brain gets. He begins to mimic the personality of the person who bought the jar and this clue helps James retrieve it. Ed has made a bet with Stephy that she can't stop complaining about her life for one day.moreless
  • Cincinnati Smith
    Cincinnati Smith
    Episode 12
    An adventurous archaeologist and old rival of Aunt Agnus takes a strangely suspicious interest in what may be hidden in the Barnes' attic. She tells them the sarcophagus in the attic is a fake, and offers to take it off their hands. Meanwhile Stephy has been writing an on-line journal containing some unflattering comments about her friend Brenda. Nuff accidentally forwards the journal to Brenda and Stephy must make amends with her friend.moreless
  • Bye Bye Mummy
    Bye Bye Mummy
    Episode 13
    It's Christmas time and also, due to a rare alignment of the stars Nuff gets an opportunity to pass through to the afterlife, something he has been aspiring to do for 3,000 years. As the Barnes' prepare to say goodbye, there is mixed emotion and at the last minute James must tell Nuff to go. Stephy can't wait to get the attic redecorated for herself.moreless
  • Old Lady
    Old Lady
    Episode 14
    Nuff finds out he has an over-do library book – a few thousand years over-do! To raise money, he agrees to take care of one of the old ladies from the old folk's home where Mrs. Barnes works. The old lady confesses her desire to be young again. Nuff decides a little magic will help her. Meanwhile Stephy has a crush on a brainy boy from school. She soon gets some competition from the newly young old lady.moreless
  • Balancing Act
    Balancing Act
    Episode 15
    James wants to impress Abby, the girl across the street. Believing she is interested in The McGuinty Book of Way Out Records he decides to try and set a record with Nuff's help. But the help soon turns to competition as the two wage a war of silly skills. Finally Nuff and James agree to work together to set the record for balancing on a miniature upside-down pyramid.moreless
  • Master of Disaster
    Master of Disaster
    Episode 16
    Nuff decides to resurrect his old house slave to help him with the chores. James takes pity on the poor soul. He manages to inform him that slavery is wrong and convinces him to go on strike. Stephy sets out to prove to her mother that she is an outdoor girl by setting up a campsite in the back yard.moreless
  • Give Me a Ring Sometime
    While checking out a new exhibit at the museum, Nuff sees a ring that was given to him when he was a boy and decides he should take it back. A massive manhunt is launched in order to find the thief who stole the priceless artifact and the Barnes family must find a way to put it back. Stephy tries to find out what her parents have bought her for her birthday.moreless
  • Charity Begins at Home
    Nuff gets involved in a charity event by auditioning for a money-raising talent show using the magic act and props of an Ancient Egyptian entertainer - featuring an amazing Vanishing Box. Too bad nobody knows where things go when they vanish. Nuff gives Stephy perfume that once belonged to a beautiful Egyptian princess. At first the scent is wonderful but then it starts to change.moreless
  • Face It You're Wrong
    Nuff wants to show James his hometown in Egypt so they audition to be contestants on a TV show that gives away wonderful prizes – such as trips to Egypt. Stephy agrees to buy her Mom's anniversary present for her Dad and her Dad's anniversary present on behalf of her Mom, but just can't help spending the money on herself instead.moreless
  • Blue Spotted Nile Fever
    Set tries disappearing after assigning Nuff his latest task, and finds he is stuck – he cannot vanish. It is soon discovered that Set is suffering from Blue Spotted Nile Fever, and cannot leave until a cure is found. Ed soon also becomes inflicted with the disease and Nuff and James frantically search for the ingredients for the cure. Meanwhile Stephy, Brenda, Toby and Trevor are engaged in an interesting political science project for schoolmoreless
  • Pyramid Power
    Pyramid Power
    Episode 21
    James enters Nuff in a Pizza Eating Contest for charity confidant that they will do well but Nuff encounters some bad luck and loses all self-confidence. He turns to James for help and James loads him up with all things lucky at the same time telling him there is no such thing as luck - we all decide our own destiny. Stephy must come up with a new recipe for her Home Economics course in order to pass.moreless
  • Chocolate-Covered Dung Beetles
    James is selling chocolate-covered almonds as a fund-raiser for school. Nuff offers to help sell them but consumes the chocolate treats himself. Overcome with guilt, Nuff decides to replace them, but, unable to find any almonds, Nuff uses a substitute – dung beetles. The new treats are a hit and sell like crazy - until the secret ingredient is revealed.moreless
  • Mummy's Day
    Mummy's Day
    Episode 23
    Nuff overhears James and Stephy planning for Mother's Day and he mistakenly believes they are planning a party for Mummy's Day. This is the perfect chance to impress the Vice Vizier of the Golden Ministry of Early Admissions, who will be coming to review Nuff's case. So now, while Stephy is formulating elaborate plans for her Mom's big day, a similar party must be undertaken upstairs for Nuff.moreless
  • My Fair Mummy
    My Fair Mummy
    Episode 24
    When she finds herself without a date yet for an upcoming dance, Stephy decides to transform Nuff into a killer date in order to make her boyfriend jealous and force him to invite Stephy. All Nuff needs is the promise of a bucket of chicken to go along with the plan.moreless
  • Happy Birthday Mummy
    It is Nuff's birthday but nobody seems to take any notice of it so he runs away from home to a place where he feels people will appreciate him – the museum! It is also Brenda's birthday, which is always celebrated elaborately, and Stephy struggles to find the perfect gift for her snooty friend.moreless
  • The Mummy Meets Dracula
    Having just watched a marathon of Dracula movies on TV, Nuff becomes convinced that the visiting school principal is in fact a vampire and he not only sets out to prove it but also to protect the family from this evil creature! Stephy has an interesting school project where she must nurture an egg as if it were a real baby. She takes to it with gusto.moreless