I Love Mummy

YTV (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1 Episode 13: Bye Bye Mummy

  • Not so much a Goof, as a Goofy day. So we're shooting a Christmas episode, with fake snow, and wooly sweaters, and coats... You get the picture, but inside the studio it was like 40 degrees C, in other words it was so hot even the devil wouldn't have felt comfortable. We had these carol singers all dressed up in big coats, and one little boy who was one of the singers nearly fainted. It was a great episode though. It was the last one we shot, and the end of the 26 episode shoot. We even filmed the last scene for that episode as the last scene of the series put on tape. I can remember everybody feeling sad, yet excited that we could finally have a break!! ~Mark (Producer on I Love Mummy)