I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 3

Big Ballers

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on VH1
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Episode Summary

The remaining 12 guys start their day with the usual trash talking to one another until Chamo delivers a "New York Note". The next challenge will test the guys on there financial outlooks with a special guest you would never have thought of.

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  • It's becoming apparent what to expect form each guy.

    I really enjoyed this episode because it seemed like everyone's emotions were involved. At the begining of the show, Whiteboy recived a phone call from home telling him a close friend passed away. All the guys were concerned and caring, and I believe that a brought warmth in the house. Also, when it was time for them to present there finance projects, you got a chance to evaluate the men a little better under stress. It's pretty apparent that Chance is a thug, T-weed is a liar, Onix is... sexy, Pootie needs mental help, (ASAP) and Boston is most likely to succeed.

    New York's has a crazy bunch to chose from, and I can't wait to see who will be the last man standing!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the USA, your credit score helps determine whether or not you get loans, credit cards, mobile phones, bank accounts, etc. A score of 450 is a bad score and 850 is an excellent score. Often, your credit score is tied to how efficient you are in paying your bills and debts.

    • Although T. Weed said that he was worth 100 million dollars, it is revealed that his credit score was 523, eleven of his accounts were in collections, and his last job was at a place called Munchie's Pizza in 2002. T. Weed denied the credit report was his.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sister Patterson: You gave my daughter a lap dance?
      Mr. Boston: Yes.
      Sister Patterson: I'm gonna kill you.

    • (Tango is giving New York a massage in the yard while the other guys are in the pool)
      Real: Hey, New York, come get in the water with us.
      New York: Alright, I'm coming.
      Real: Tango, you can stay over there.

    • (Mr. Boston begins to read the New York Note)
      Mr. Boston: Hello my hot sausage links...I got one of those in my pants.

    • Sister Patterson: Who's gonna eat first, Yaya, Mommy or New York?
      Heat: I'm gonna eat first, then comes my mom, my grandma and New York.
      New York: Are you kidding?

    • Omarosa: You know whats interesting about your presentation?
      Chance: Excuse me...
      Omarosa: It's wack!
      Chance: ...Thank you.

    • Sister Patterson: How much money do you have in the bank right now?
      Tango: Umm...lets say 300,000.
      Omarosa: If that's the case, then why not diamonds instead of cubic zirconia in your ear?

    • Pootie: (to 12 Pack after stealing his graph) You got the twelve pack, I got the motherfucking graph, man, everybody gotta have something.

    • 12 Pack: So I'm sitting there busting my ass preparing for this challenge, I wanna have the best graph out there and Pootie the frickin' fruity steals my graph.

    • 12 Pack: Bonez's abs are actually more defined than myself, but, uh, you could also see his colon so I don't think that counts for much.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Pootie: Back then they didn't know me, now I'm hot and they all on me.

      These are some lyrics from Mike Jones' song, "Back Then."

    • (After the mystery person in the boardroom reveals herself)
      Onix: I was actually kinda scared, haha, I mean, Omarosa has the reputation of being kind of a b***h you know.

      Omarosa was a contestant on The Apprentice.