I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 1

Do You Have Love For New York?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on VH1

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  • And so it begins...

    Boy oh boy does this show have a mixture of characyers. It's like every weirdo from every corner of the states gathered in front of the same camera, at the same time. I think NY did a good job of kicking off the boring bunch. As for the ones who are left I think they'll be a ball to watch. Funny how a bunch of guys can act like a bunch of catty women when put in these kind of environments. I'm sure there much drama to come and I personally will love every minute of it. Here we go...
  • I loved it. And my reviews going to right at the bottom.

    This........now wow! Of course, yes, it was the very first eposide, but Im digging it hella lot. It was funny of course. Love her introduction in the beginning. Funny as usual. Whats new? Ummm......I saw no point in T-bone being around. Not that there's.....anything wrong with a big dude, but they wouldn't even suit together. Period. They would make better friends then they did in a relationship. His eyes. Wow. Couldnt have been me, cause I could never wake up to seeing one eye go the right, and one eye go the left! lmfao! Ummm.....I love when Tango was sitting with New York and she says, "Well, tell me a little bit about yourself," he says, "Well, one thing you need to know about me is...." She interrupts, "That your adorable? I already know that." Aww...How cute. Thats just ADORABLE itself! :) Umm.....the part with Rico wanting to give her a little "nickname," wow! It sounds good in spanish! But not in english! She was offended. It was funny. Rico's sexy, though. He didnt mean any harm. Lmfao. Umm.......Wow. Woods. Thats a fine man right there. He's just as gorgeous as Tango. If not, better! lmfao! Chance vs. Ms. Patterson. Omg. Wow. "Dont nobody blow smoke and famous face!" lol. Chance, in my opinion has a very strong sex appeal. He's absolutely sexy There's no going over that, but he was very immature to me. However, by looks, why not keep him around? And yeah.....he was very funny. I laughed in every eposide. New York's mother, has got to go! I cant stand her. She's ugly, to me, and she didnt even need to be there. It was her daughter's choice. Not hers. Pootie. Omg. Words are indescribale. Pootie. Funny name. That means he wants some. As New York quoted, I quote that. But its cool. I have nothing more to say here. I loved this eposide. It wasnt the best, but it was still good for me to kick back, drink some soda and laugh my butt off!

    ♥LadyScorpio :)
  • All the contestants are announced and given nicknames. New York meets and greets with the boys. Chance goes crazy with Sr. Patterson.

    After seeing the first episode I immediately knew this would be my new favorite show. New York showed some extreme sassiness even more than she did back on Flavor of Love. Chance and Mr. Boston arose as my two favorite characters. Chance's fight with Sister Patterson is one of my favorite television moments of all time. When Chance started talking about Peppermint Patterson I was on the floor laughing. My favoritr Chance quote from this episode would have to be "I aint checkin im just checkin yall". Mr Boston made a hilarious entrance with his attempt to be called Stud. I agreed with Sr Patterson in how she thought many of the men were gay Romance, 12 Pack, Rico, etc.
  • Wow this show is bad FLAVA FLAV.

    Ok wow when it came to the first season of flavor of love season 1, it was awesome, hoopz was the most beatiful woman in the world, then there was New york, it was the most hideous thing i have seen, she is such a drama queen, i hate her she is evil. If i had a choice to be with her or rosie odonnel id pick rosie, i cant believe that this devil got her own tv show, it just goes to show shes a gold digger, and played flava flav, for his money and her own show, wow just kill me now.
  • Same old, Same old.Same plot as other dating shows.

    THis show is unoriginal and yet fun to watch. The opening of her show is the almost same as Flavor Flav\'s showa with a opening similar to his. This episode has some hilarious moments. Especially when the gay assistant Mauricio Sanchez (Chamo) walked out to greet the men. This show may have some promise. If the show is as good as the promos make it out to be, then I might be hooked on it like I did with Flav's show. This is going to very funny watching these men going after New York for her love.