I Love New York

VH1 (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Reunion Show
      Episode 13
      The 20 guys and New York reunite and there is a lot of drama. The main events that happened were the following. Wolf shows his private part. Sister Patterson announces that her husband is the past. And of course, Tailor Made getting hit by Mr. Wise.
    • Rasta Finale
      Episode 12
      As the season's end is finally here, New York takes the final two contestants to Jamaica. There the men fight for New York's heart one more time. Sister Patterson then surprises everyone to help New York pick the right love.
    • Clip Show
      Episode 11
      Catch up with New York before the finale and watch even more bonus scenes not aired on TV!
    • Rasta Finale
      Rasta Finale
      Episode 11
      After a season of ups and downs and a tense elimination in Miami, it's down to New York's final two suitors.
    • Miami Thrice
      Episode 10
      New York takes the remaining three guys to Miami for one more elimination until the finale.
    • Meet the Parents
      Episode 9
      New York has the parents come to the mansion, and things heat up at the dinner table, which might effect the outcome at eliminations.
    • Mind Games
      Episode 8
      Now down to 5 guys, New York wants to find out who's the most compatible with her by submitting them for a psychological evaluation. Things get tense, when she finds out that one of the guys may be using her to further his acting career. The next day New York brings the guys to her therapist, Dr. Allen, for some couple's counseling. During the session New York finds out that the individual she secretly has the strongest feelings for, is the one who also has been frustrating her the most. New York goes into the elimination ceremony with a very difficult decision.moreless
    • 11/19/07
      New York invites the remaining six guys' ex-girlfriends and sisters to her house. While New York and Sister Patterson interview the ex-girlfriends, New York has two of her ex-boyfriends, Chance and Real, interrogate the guys. When New York spends the night with Chance and Real some old feelings resurface when the Chance admits he still has feelings for New York. When the guys in the house catch wind of this, chaos breaks out. New York considers bringing back Chance into the house. Meanwhile, one of the guys is really upset at the questions that were posed to his sister and decides to take it out on New York.moreless
    • Nip/Suck
      Episode 6
      The remaining six guys have their culinary skills tested. Later, New York shoots a scene for "Nip/Tuck," and takes one contestant to the set.
    • 11/5/07
      The remaining guys find out the next challenge will involve an offering to New York and a blood oath to test their love and devotion. One guy refuses to sign, and another signs the blood oath while obviously telling a lie. Later in night there are some "strange" happenings in the house. The next day the guys get a visit from Sister Patterson, that ends in an argument with one of her least favorite men.moreless
    • 10/29/07
      After snitching, fighting, and spitting, and nearly getting eliminated, one man is the house enemy and anxiously waits for an opportunity to redeem himself. At the elimination, New York eliminates one guy and decides to put in a twist.
    • The Stolen Date
      Episode 3
      With 12 guys remaining, New York has the remaining guy come up with merchandise ideas to expand her empire.
    • 10/15/07
      After eliminating five of the men, New York puts the remaining 15 to the test in a swimming competition, where the winners will win dates with New York herself.
    • 10/8/07
      20 men enter the house of reality sensation New York and Miss Tiffany is determined for the fourth time to find love.
    • Casting Special 2
      New York reveals the 5 men chosen online by the viewers.
    • You Cast It Special
      Fans of I Love New York were encouraged to choose 5 of the 20 contestants for the second season.
  • Season 1
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