I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 8

Gettin' Hot In The Desert

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on VH1

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  • Ill take Whiteboy!!

    Okay okay I am not sad to see whiteboy gone I don't think he was New York's type well she does like the bad boys and he did have that mystery about him but I thought his look was sexy!! Something about him I guess because I always go for the white collar guys. I need a whiteboy type to spice up my life so Whiteboy Im a pretty cute Calif girl!! I thought he looked really good on their date but I did think Chance was leaving! well hoping.. But whiteboy was JUST recently single and New York is right she would be a rebound girl good decision.
  • White boy is gone, and he was one of my favorites!!!

    The Fantastic Four comepte for NY's affections, and one man will go home. Who will it be? Will it be Tango? Real? Whiteboy? or Chance?

    I really liked Whiteboy. I'm disappointed he had to go. He is cute, and I think he really liked NY, but once it was revealed he had been in a relationship, and only out of it for about 2 months I really could not blame NY for letting him go. She is looking out for herself, and is not trying to get hurt. This episode was really comical. Watching her pathetic attempts at golfing had me in fits of laughter. Especially when she swung, missed, and ended up falling to the floor. She kept crashing the golf cart!!! That was too funny!!! Real was really letting his competitive nature show through. He really dislikes Tango, and Tango does not like him. NY had alone time with Real being she had been with Tango before. The Hot air balloon scenes were funny. NY worried about her hair igniting into flames, and Chance acting like a real punk. Hilarious!!! But the real competition was between Chance and Whiteboy. Those two guys bonded, and had a firnedship going, but that was put to the test when they had their date with NY. I'm sorry I don't like Chance. He is obnoxious, drinks too much, and can be a little rowdy. I don't like thuggish men at all, and he is thuggish. It will be interesting to see who the final two will be. I'm rooting for Tango.
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