I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 7

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on VH1

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  • Wow, is the firs thing that could literally spill from my mouth.....

    You know what, to me, this was far by the best eposide through all of the eposides of "I love New York," I was in tears. I mean, I find a lot of things funny, but this way just hilarous. The drama. The suspense. Secrets being exposed. Wow. Ex-girlfriends are back. The men are nervous. Drama. Drama. New York and her mother dug deep into ths one, and picked up some "serious information," Twelve Pack reveals that he's going to blow up in Jersey. New York gets jealous that Tango is spending more time with his girlriend then he is with her. Again, DRAMA! CONFLICT and More DRAMA! The suspense! Oh, my god. The argument. New York v.s Tango. Priceless. She was drunk, and it was even better entertainment. She keeps it so real. I love you New York! Oh, pardon me, the "H.B.I.C."

  • Great idea to bring in ex's...you learn a lot about a person. Unfortunatly for 12 pak it wasn't good!

    I watch this show every week and every week I laugh my butt off! First off, Chance is hilarious no matter what he says! Real seems like a nice guy, I am not impressed with Tango and White Boy I am still unsure of who he is. Thank God she booted 12 pak. He seemed kind of different from the beginning. When his ex said that he used to strip at a gay bar, I wasn't shocked. Think back to when he and Heat got drunk together and Heat told him he was good looking, 12 pak looked like he was liking Heat as well!
    All in all I think this was another fabulous episode "I love New York." I love to laugh and this show makes me do just that!
  • This episode was really clever because NY brought the guys ex-girlfriends to the show to get some dirt on them. Who would know you better than your ex!!

    When the show begain, New York told the guys they had some special guest coming that knew them pretty well. To their surprise, it was their ex-girlfriends! New York called the girls in one by one, and the only guy that had some slack was White boy because instead of an ex, his sister walked through the door. NY announed to the fellas that she, along with her mother, was going out with their ex's to get some dirt on them. Based on what was heard, Sister Patterson would deciede who New York should go out on a date with.

    When they were on their way to the nail shop, New York and her mom couldn't wait to start asking questions. This is what came out about the guys:
    12-pack - Worked at a guy bar; dances for gay men; and just broke up with a girl before he came on the show.
    Chance - smokes marijuana; possive over his women.
    Tango - stuck on his carreer; may sill be in love his ex; good in bed!
    White Boy - been in a 5 year relationship.....
    Real - he may still be in love with his ex also.

    Once the dirt was out, NY wanted to but the guys on front street, so she had dinner with them and their ex's. 12-pack confessed to his actions, and after dinner New York over heard him telling his ex-girlfriend that once he got back home, he was looking forward to begin famous from the show. Tango and NY got into an argument because Tango was paying alot of attention to his ex. 12-pack go eliminated, and I'm glade, because his gay and he wasn't there for New York any ways.
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