I Love New York

Season 2 Episode 9

Meet the Parents

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on VH1

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  • Sister Patterson is a liar

    I'm getting really tired of Sister Patterson's holier than thou attitude and New York sticking up for her. "blood everywhere" saying Tailor made was black and blue. She's outright lying and then Tailor made was going along with it. New York and mom were so rude to the parents. Why does someone intelligent like Buddha want anything to do with her? His dad was so funny when he asked her why a beautiful black woman would smoke. I don't like how everyone has to bow down to New York and her mother. I'm glad Entertainer's mom didn't back down. When Sis. Patterson was flirting with the dad, she saw right through it, it was funny. I feel bad for Punk's mom, she looked very uncomfortable. I hope Punk has some words for New York at the reunion show about the mean things she said about his mom and sister. But, I watch this show because it is so stupid. I can't believe people act like this.
  • NY's mamma-drama rules

    NY's mamma-drama rules!

    Throw in Entertainer's mamma not backing down and it is on! Wow! what a great episode, I love it when people stand up to New York and Sister Paterson and when someone stands up to both of them it is extra special!

    The entertainer's mamma kicks so much a$$ it's not even funny. The transvestite line she busted out on New York's mom was priceless. Plus sister paterson's come-backs we also good. The line about a beaver's pelt on her head was also good. Then throw in Punk's mom and sister sitting there feeling uncomfortable. I love to see people crap on New York, it's why I watch this show