I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 9

Momma's Boys

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on VH1

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  • Okay, this epsoide, was basically in New York meeting them mothers. Am I right? Ok, I'll give a review then.... {My opinion}. Oh, yeah, it matters! :)

    In my opinion, I absolutely loved this eposide! It was funny, thrilling, exciting. New York, you know, shes so melodramatic, but the fact that she's funny hits the light switch on. She's my favorite, you know? I wanted her to find love, and that was EXACTLY what she was looking for. Real was being very jealous, I'll have to admit. He claimed he could have stayed home if she was gonna give half of the attention to his brother but he should have played a better part in snatching her away. My baby Tango.....mmm......looking good as always! But a mama's boy to the heart! However, its nice that he's close to his mother. It's important to have your "mother," in your life. A woman who gave birth to you, opened you into life, and the whole nine yards, nothing wrong with that. I loved with New York ruined lunch! That was my favorite part. No doubt about it. Interesting, yes! :)
  • Actually a good episode

    Meet the Mother's, and with Real and Chance being brothers. NY only had to deal with two mother's. Chance and Real hope to get rid of Tango once and for all. Tango on the other hand is doing everything to stick in Tango’s mind. He leaves her a sweet note, and NY goes to see him. Not sure if she can give her heart to him. Believe me I know how she feels!!! I thought Chance and Real’s mother was very pretty. You could tell she loves her sons, but I want to know if they have different fathers, because they are so different!! I digress. They go to a horse ranch, and NY has a flashback to when she first got on a horse. (excuse me while I giggle like mad) The fact Chance got emotional and actually cried shocked me!! I did not think he was capable, always acting so hard. I still don’t like him though. Sister Patterson still hates Chance, so much so she tries to buy him off. Makes him an offer of $5,000 and then brings the amount up to $10,000. Tango’s mother is a little more mature looking, and Tango loves his mother. Momma Tango was not to thrilled about NY, and don’t think she wants Tango to be chosen. NY showed her behind when she got bored with Tango’s mom. Sister Patterson should have smacked her, so uncalled for. During elimination I was praying Chance would go, but instead after some drama over the whole money issue, Real was the one sent home. Final two Chance and Tango. Please, please chose Tango!!! Please!!!!
  • New York and sister Patterson got a chance to met the guys mothers.

    To start every thing off, New York told the last remaining 3 guys that she was bringing their mothers to met her and Sister Patterson. Real and Chance's mother was first, and Tango's mom would be arriving the following day. Once Real and Chance's mom arrived they decided to go and see some horses at a near by stable that were owned by their mother. Chance seemed to have a really good vibe with the horses and did alot of things to impress New York. Real was more laid back. The date went well, and New York and her mother got alone great with the guys mother. Before they parted, Chance and Real's mom pulled them to the side and told them not to fight over NY because it would break her heart. Then she started crying and Chance did also. Next, New York and her mom got a chance to meet Tango's mom. To their surprise, she was a bit older than Sister Patterson, and that seemed to bother both her and her mom. Tango was very happy to see his mother and it's plan to see that he's a mommas boy. Dinner didn't go so well. New York thought Tango's mom was boring, so she was rude and started acting like....CHANCE! I'm pretty sure Tango's mom hope New York dosn't chose him.
    Once they get back, sister Patterson pulled Chance to the side to negotiate. She offered Chance 5gs to leave at eliminations if NY chose him. During eliminations, Chance got his chain first, and by that time the wages had gone up to 10gs. Chance took his chain off, and ask sister Patterson if she had what she offered. At this time, NY dosn't know what is going on so she runs out the door and Chance follows her. He explains everything that's going on and told her that he had no intent on leaving her. She belived him and Real was sadly eliminated. I really think he liked her truly, and it hurts to see a good man go, but I think he was to good for her any way. I think Chance will be the last one standing.
  • The saddiest episode ever aired.

    The episode had alot of excellenr moments. One of which was Sister Patterson's pay off for Chance. The Saddest part came when Real was eliminated from the show. New York, Real, and Chance were all crying. It left me in tears when I watched it. I wished Chance had been eliminated instead of Real. He was much more mature and better for New York.
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