I Love New York

Season 2 Episode 4

Nobody Likes a Snitch

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on VH1

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  • Why all the violence when the battlefield is in the mind?

    I can't stand a man that uses his fist when he should use his mind to solve a problem. Buddha...good riddance you caveman. A man of violence is not a man and I think that Buddha needs to take care of that. You are a grown man and so is Cheesy. He can fight his own battle and quite frankly, homey never had a chance. The Clay Aiken of the crew.

    Sure Tailor Made is manipulative, sure he's a rat fink but you know what? He's playing the game and playing it well. He is the "Alexis" or "Erica Kane" of this show. I love him. I must comment on how the "fellas" are acting. Why did they move Tailor Made's things out of the house like they did? Are they Angela Bassett in 'Waiting to Exhale'? This bunch of dudes are a little fey. They need some balls to them. I'm not saying get violent but they need to get serious about this competition. I wouldn't have any of them that act like b!tches. That's the behavior they're exhibiting...b!tch-like behavior. Boo.

    But seriously...who was Pretty checking out? Do you all think he's gay I think the 20 pack was and I'm wondering if we'll find out about Pretty.
  • NY keeps Tailor Made?

    I am going on record to say I do NOT like Tailor Made. In fact NY misnamed him, his name should be PUNK because he is totally acting like one. Running to her room to tell on folks like he is in Junior High School. I know it's wrong, but I wish Buddah had made his elimination worth it, and beat the living snot out of Tailor!! Buddah is talking to Tailor about how Tailor back stabbed Cheesy, and before you know it, things get heated really quick. Buddah tosses orange juice in Tailor's face, backs Tailor in a corner leaving him yelping like a little girl. Head butts Tailor, and then they go at it on the stairs. You could tell Tailor was trying to decide, do I run like a little mouse or do I stand up to Buddah. The other guys separate the two, and Buddah finally realizes he messed up. He fell for the mind screw. He took himself out of the game, and feel for the plan Tailor had like a fool!!! I liked Buddah too, and he needs to learn to get his anger in check. While I admire him for wanting to stand up for Cheesy, Cheesy was gone!! Buddah was still in the house, and the front contender!! Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!!!

    The scene of the guys having to take a butt whooping by those kick boxing women, hilarious!!! I kinda felt bad for Midget Mac, but hey he wants to compete, he had to take a whooping. Mr. Wise was selfish. He was wrong to stay in the ring the full 6 min the way he did, but on the same token 20 pack should have been more vocal about it. When Tailor Made spit on Mr. Wise I just knew he was going home!! I can't believe that NY kept him in the house. I'm totally out done, but Tailor Made is going to have a horrible, horrible time in the house. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm looking forward to when Chance returns to the house now. What the heck is wrong with me? Ick!!!!!
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