I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 12

Reunion Show

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on VH1
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Episode Summary

All 20 men get back together with one final chat with New York. Oh, yes, there will be drama!

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  • wow. i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know y it wont let me watch it someone help me please!!!??????
  • Wow. Words cant decribe, but then again, in my review, they will! :)

    Amazing! Absoultely spectuclar! In my own words, this Reunion was a juicy video! I absolutely fell in love with it, that I taped it, and I watched it more then thirty times, because I couldnt get e'nuff of it. Romance, was stepping out of bounds when he disrespected my homegirl, New York. I didnt appreciate that because how do you go from a "low satatus,", a "cry baby," a "loser," and a wussy and then all of sudden, oh yeah, you ballin'. Mm hmm..........kind of befuddles me. He had no right to disrespect her the way he did. That was out of line, uncalled for and just rude on his part, because he really was comparing her to his dead dog, "Princess," who's deceased. Who would really want that? Thats sick. And he needed help. Heat and Twelve Pack, good luck for them. They do look made for each other. And Gay might I add. Party boys? Right. The entire time when they were on I love New York they looked, "made for each other," Good luck to them though. For real. Lmfao! Umm.....once again, my baby Tango, has been sticking up for himself. Um....what new? He's adorable. He's laid back, but you just cant push him too far. Chance was afraid to even approach him on the stage. Omg. Can you believe he sat down. And where's white boy going? He needed to take two steps back because he wasnt even ready for what my man had in store for his ass. The ending.....ummm.....Im really upset that they didnt make it.....you know.....as a couple. Im upset at Tango, but then again, Im upset at New York. She should have never disrespected his mother, and he should have never broke up with her like that. It was uncalled for, but I still love for the Tan man. And New York.....thats still my homegirl. She's cool. She's funny and she bring entertainment to VH1. Much luv babygirl! I do hope you find the love you need! Wish the best! :)moreless
  • This was the final show the "Reunion" and was it a good one lol.

    First was Romance the crazy one and very emotional. But now it seems that he some what more outrages than before. Well let get the important parts like she got a boob job WHY???? what was she thinking. She was great looking before now she look like a clown and finally her mom got a better wig!!! But i am not trying to clown on them it just they gotta take better care of themselves. First off she should have choose Chance but she was listening to her mom even thou he was immature but people do change and he really loved her and you can tell. Then Mr Boston with pumpkin that was REAL funny I know NY was pissed. The the saddest part of the show is when Tango came out and made her look very stupid. Come on NY you think he wasnt going to watch the show and see that you were talking about his mom and you str8 disrespected him and i dont blame him walking out on her. Esp when he propose to her also..... I dont think that he wanted to marry her to be real. But that what happened and now she is still lonly I wonder is she will get another show.moreless
  • WOW what a show!

    The I Love New York reunion show was very good It had shocking moments with the host Lala who hosted the both seasons of Flavor of Love once again New York's jelous ways had her lose the man she wanted 1ST Flavorflav but he choice Hoopz but after they broke up he did another season she had New York come as a friend to help with elimation but had her comeback for a 2nd time but her jelous ways had her lose to Deelishs and now the 3rd tome she lost Tango because she was very jelous of all people his mother but in the end the show was great and lived up to the hype The I Love New York reuion show gets rated a 10.0!moreless
  • Tango you Know U wrong

    I Thought that she was going to dump him I didn't think that he was going to dump her she seemed like she did like him and that she wanted to accept the proposal I like the way how he played it off though he went from happy mode to serious in like 60sec he had every right to get mad at her but not to call off the engagement that goes to show that he didnt really want to marry her he knew what she was like marriage is something that you just can't take back to me he even said on his you tube inteview that she was always getting done wrong and look what he did to her and that part was filmed when he said the engagement was off he couldn't just say it to her why did they have to play the clip he said he didn't want new york but wanted Tiffany but like the saying goes You Can't Have One Without The Other And Tango is coo in My Book I was just Like Damn after he Did that but calling off the wedding it wasn't all that serious more like an excuse to memoreless

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