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  • Can you say "disaster"? Honestly, this show is what I would suggest if you're bulimic and need something to help you throw up. I thought It couldn't get any worse than Flav's Flavor of Love, but it DID.

    ...And so, desperate Tiffany, obviously upset over her rejection by Flava, decided to host her very OWN bad reality show where SHE would be the rich, spoiled, show host so desperatly in need of companionship that she would resort to selling herself out to a pack of fake romantics in hot pursuit of her credit card and the instant fame they gain by appearing on the show. Honestly, that's all this show boils down to people. New York is the most spoiled, rotten, shallow person I think I've ever seen on TV, and her mom is a complete b*tch. Yet, her mom is probably the most sane person on the show, because she seems to realize the huge freaking problem with having her daughter sell herself on national TV. New York is the resulting mixture when you take a young girl so rich that she will never have to work a day in her life, plus the stereotypes of modern beauty, and the pressure forced upon those in the spotlight. The final result is a train wreck of emotional baggage. It's not pretty. But after her appearance on Flavor of Love, it was REALLY insane to give her her own show. I don't think I'm over-guessing it to say that no one but her mother will ever love her as a person. That's how you can tell all the guys on that show are after the cash. I actually pity Tiffany. It's not neccisarily her fault she's this way. This is what money and fame have turned her into, and because of what sh is now, she'll probably lead a miserable life. I don't think it's overguessing it to say that we can plan on seeing her in the headlines a LOT in coming years, and I doubt the news will be good. Look out world, because if her lifestyle doesn't change, we can expect the next big celebrity gone wrong.
  • Hello,The show is called I Love New York and What doeds the title have to do with anything of this show.

    I say this show is not even cool on VH1 because it's pretty much a boring show.VH1 makes bad shows except for The World Series Of Pop Culture.Of course,the bad shows on VH1 are that bad Flavor Of Love and that very dreadful I Love Money.I don't know why they called this show I Love New York,but it's maybe a bad title for a show.The show is very boring and it's maybe a bad show for the girls.It's not even better than those MTV shows.Well,they changed VH1 with not a bunch music shows and they are showing stupid,boring and bad shows on VH1 like a very bad Flavor Of Love,A not cool show that's this one,A very terrible I Love Money and a not very cool Charm School.That marks this show one of the very bad shows that is on that very not that cool reality show maker VH1 and I think MTV is better than this channel.VH1 is one of the worst channels to ever make one of the worst reality shows ever made in the history of worst reality show makers.I give this show and channel a F because this show is boring and stupid and it's the very baddest channel to ever make reality shows and that is why this channel and show deserves a F.
  • The infamous New York gets her own show.

    New York was one of my favorites from Flavor of Love and she makes great entertainment. She's unpredictable and crazy, you never know what to expect from her. Both seasons were great. It was funny how Tango broke up with her on the Reunion show and I hear that she and Tailor Made aren't together anymore. Everyone knows that its damn near impossible to find love on a reality show but its fun watching people try. She has a new show coming up called New York Goes To Hollywood and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna watch it. New York is a huge reality star and I think she could be a great actress. I love this show, too bad it probably won't come back for a third season but it was good while it lasted.
  • 10!!!!!!!1

    Hate her or Love her but after she gets dumps by flave twice new york is back to look for love her self. I saw this show beacause i like new york and this show was really good and its crazy. At the end she does not finds love/She is crazy and even her mom is there. This show is funny when new yorks mom gets mad and when she laughs. BY the way new york mom looks like a man. I give this show a 10 beacause its just off the chain. Ps. New York is on a new show called New york goes hollywood . cant wait to see it.
  • I Love New York is a complete waste of time

    Though ihave watched this show, i think this show is a waste of time.Reality shows just aren't reall to me.(the dating ones)And i think that all of this is just a scam for money.They know they can find love...without TV.Its just hilarious what these men and woman do for fame on these Reality dating shows.I mean its goos if you want some money but keep making the seasons after saying that you love the person...theres always an excuse for why they broke up.Never an excuse like "oh we are not into each other anymore" It always because the person thats finding "true love" wants to have more TV time.They arent looking for love.
  • New York is the HBIC and you BETTER believe it!

    Given New York's stellar performances in Flavor of Love 1 and 2 it was inevitable that Miss Tiffany Pollard would be offered a show of her own. Honestly, I think she deserved it. Getting her heart broken TWICE by Flav!?!?! That woman needed some compensation. So with 20 hot, brooding males vying for New York's affection you can bet this made for some brainlessly entertaining television. After two seasons of I Love New York she finally got over Flav and found love with season two contestant Tailor Made. Currently, they are engaged living together and seemingly happy. One positive about I Love New York *from what I've read* is that she may have actually found that someone special. Maybe Bret and Flav might have the same luck.
  • I love New York 1 & 2 is a complete waste of time to me. The only reason I watch the show is because these men are so stupid that they dont realize shes playing them.

    I love New York is to me a complete waste of time.I love New york is a fake show with the big mouthed Tiffany trying to find true love? I mean come on. Just go somewhere without acting like a b***h and talk like a human being. And as for her mom, I totally understand where shes coming from about not seeing her daughter getting hurt AGAIN, but its her decision. The whole time I seen her mom trying to make decisions and all for her. Tiffany says its her decision but the one guy her mother does not like she goes along with he rlike a little pet like The Entertainer (Frank) said. But all together, this show makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  • I hate, and yet it's so addicting... Why?!?!

    Just another stupid reality show, yet nearly every time I come across it on VH1 I can't help but watch it. It's crazy because I hate reality shows like that. You cannot find true love in come contest, especially when there are all those guys there who know little to nothing about you and you don't have enough time to really get to know all of them and know their real intentions for being there. Uh-uh, it ain't gonna work. And then on top of that, New York is just...she needs help. PLEASE send her and her wacko mother to go get some help. (Especially her mother. Geez, no wonder Tiffany is not exactly right in the head. I wouldn't be either if I had a mother like "Sister" Patterson. Idk why this show is so addictive, but it is. Tiffany, for all the crap that you and these guys went through these 2 seasons, I almost hope you do find love. Good luck with Tailor Made. (What a pansy!!! Lol. He's such a loser...)
  • Truly a one of my guilty pleasures.

    As much as I say I do not like New York. I gotta admit that she keeps me watching her show every week. Even though it can be very fake at times I just love all the drama and the crap the fellows go through. I really like Wolf this season. He was so cute. But after this season there shouldn't be anymore because it's gonna get redundant. Sister Patterson was really annoying to me. She so controlling over the guys. I understand New York wants someone who respects her mom but gosh do they have to suck up to her.
  • Its gives me something to chat with friends.

    You don't meet people like New York every day. She is a mess but thats the reason why she got the show and lasted so long on flavor flav. They made 2 i love New Yorks because on the first one Tango said he wasn't in love with her and basicly just dissed her on reality tv. On the second one she chooses John May (i know thats the wrong name). So the guys have to prove that they love her which of course they don't they just trying to get famous. By knowing that a lot of people watch this show and they will get one because of that.
  • Rumor is VH1 is getting ready to start casting calls for I love New york Season 3.

    Rumor is VH1 is getting ready to start casting calls for I love New york Season 3 around summer of 2008. Or well thats what the lastest talk is. If it's true or not we will just have to wait and see, apprently Season 2 ended up just like Season 1, I have also heard rumors that New york is making a special guest appearence on Flavor of Love 3, Once again we will have to wait and see if the rumors are true.
    Rumor also is that Chance is being brought back as a full contestant in I love New York Season 3.
  • A Good show with good Actors

    Talk about an entertaining show. Usally I don't go for spin-off shows, but this one is just so absolutely ridiculous. I can't take my eyes off of it, and I can't wait for the next episode to come on. Sister Patterson is the epitome of decietfulness. Her daughter is no better in her actions either. Alas that is what makes it good. Overall I can't take my eyes off of this show. I kind of don't want New York to find happiness in a man, just so I could have another season to watch. I do really Love New York.

    Great show...I love new york is one of the most entertaining reality dating show to come along since well...Ever! While I sometimes wonder how serious New York is about actually finding love,It is definitly worth watching! Every week the drama is more intense than the week before and therefore more entertaining! While most of these guys are only there to be on tv they have been some of the hottest guys of any reality show ever! There has been a few who are genuinly nice guys looking for love but for the most part there lack of drama does not seem to keep NewYorks attention.. I guess that is why this show is so cool and unlike any other reality dating show out there..You have a incredibly high maitenance woman with 20 men,more than half who are higher maitenance than she is(which she encourages) living in one house! while I doubt true love is ever gonna come out of this show,it makes for great television and NewYork gets to make out with some great lookin guys.While I am hoping she finds her soulmate At this rate we may have a part3 and 4 and so on which I'll definitly continue to watch
  • I think diz show iz tha bomb!! It should be a classic! lol nah im just playing, but it iz good tho.

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  • I Love This Show!!!!!

    Ok The Fact that this show is better than flavor of love, is crazy!!!!! I wanted it to not be but i have to admit its seriosly entertaining, I wish that Midget Mac was still on the show though, he was such a gangsta. So the fact that its still on the air is interesting to with the controversy it had with the online pool, I guess it was rigged to pick the entertainer, wutev, I know for sure that buddha will win, bc Hes captivating new york every time they talk, Well its a good show and everybody should take the chance to watch it.
  • i love new york is just a show were new york screams at everyone, then has sex with them

    how does anyone like this crap? i can't believe she is still on TV, i really hope that kids, and KKK members never find out about this show. the show is not at all funny, and it honestly makes African Americans look bad! what idiot decided to put this awful show on TV anyway? my sister watches the show all the time, and when ever she does, i simply make fun of the show out loud until she gives up and stops watching. New York and Flavor Flave together are without question the most talentless people on TV. i really hope she gets canceled soon!
  • My opinion on this show!!

    I love this show!I feel bad for tailor made.. he gets abused in that house. I know he is a jerk and he is grimey but he is doing exactly what NY was doing in flavor of LOVE. The guys r threatened by his looks and his money thats why the do the only thing they can do,beat him up!! Im glad booda got the boot cause that was ABUSE he did to tailor made. YES i feel MR wise should of hit him because that was degrading to be spit on. He deserved it then and there.I just dont agree with abuse. If you watch the show u can see tailor made trembleing and shaking and turning all red. Practically begging for his life!!
    Tailor made i dont want u to get beat down but spitting was not kool. Im glad u admit to your wrong doing but if you are surrrounded by men who want to kill you then u gotta be smarter about the things u do.
    NY i love you, keep doing what you do!! Sista paterson - continue to want the best for your daughter. Thats exactly what mothers who truly love their daugthers do. Just lay off midget man. I know you are appalled by the sight of him, but cmon!! we all know heisnt going to win, so theres no need to be soo mean to him..
    Just brush it off and hope she makes the best decision.
  • I don't mind shows that are not very smart, especially reality shows but this is rediculous.

    how can anyone like this show, no offense but she is annoying to watch and not attractive at all. She thinks she is hot and she dogs people when she is pretty classless and a trashy person, it scares me that people would want to meet her let alone date her. It's a scary commentary of the people in this country, and is kind of scary. Most shows they are looking for someone which I admit is corny, but she is looking for money and she has hinted at it and has almost flat out said it. She also says things about the guys is totally rude. Why put trash like her on the air, I guess VH1 will put anything on the air, so it must really be hurting for ratings.
  • Do YhOo hav Luv 4 New York????

    I Love New York is a very interesting show 2 watch on MTV. It is all abou dating & all stuff Like Dat. At the start I really liked 12 Pack(Eliminated 13th), Mr. Boston(Eliminated 14th) & Tango(Winner). I went with Sister Patterson in the final about her sayin dat Channce is too childish 4 New York and at the end of the day she picked Tango and I was really happy about it. I really like New Yorks assistant Chamo he is so cool! I would love 2 go 2 Playa Del Carmen in Mexico where they went 4 the final.
  • This shows is SO shallow, but I can't help but to watch it!

    When I first saw the commercials I was appaled at how superficial and stupid this show was going to be. Slowly I started becoming amused to New York's style and her mannerisms. I watch it because its just entertaining to watch men fighting over the affection of an over-the-top reality tv girl. The shows has no morals at all, but it is irresistible!! I think that deep inside of all us girls, this is our dream, so I think that's the reason why Im most attracted to this show...The guys are funny, cute, sexy and out of the top crazy. Sister Patterson just adds the best touch though and she is one of my favorite characters!!
  • I love NEW YORK!!! I swear she is my twin....personality and looks wise...except I am white. LOL!

    I love that sexy mocha **** and don't no man deserve her fine ass. I'm glad Flav did not pick her....screw that old wrinkled raisen! That ass can just keep steppin'. I fell in-love with her and I still love her crazy dramatic ass. However, I hope that she does actually find love and has a happy life with a man that she can control and call all the shots for because that is what men need.....a fine ass sexy **** to call alllllllll the shots. She can call all my shots any freakin day. And all the haters out there who talk **** about her are just jealous.
  • A bit risky but I like a show that keeps you wondering whats going to happens next!

    I would describe this show as being a dating show with a twist a black batchlorette if you will. Everyone's favorite HBIC is back in this "Flavor of Love" series spin-off featuring the one and only New York, a.k.a. Tiffany Pollard. Joining New York is a group of 20 steamy hunks who will be fighting for her affections.
  • when i first saw new york i wanted hunch her brains out i thought she was so fine. but this was during the first season of flavor of love. but alot of things change sence then and i fill that way bout her no more but i hope she finds love on her show luv

    i think new york loves being on t.v. she's gettin paid to fine love n froint of millions of people n america what could be sweeter then that. she will find love soon.
    when i first new york i thought she was beautiful it was the frist season of flavor of love,i had a huge crush on her now my feelings had changed sence then but not for the worse and certainlly not for the better. i think new york will find love if not on telivision then maybe she'll fine it the old american way in the clubs duh.
  • I love New York!

    My opinion bases the fact that I do love New York. She's funny. She's cool. She's down to earth, and most importantly, she's not fake. I like people who can keep it real and stay true to themselves and she is jus that. I get a long with Capicorns also, although Im a Scorpio. I just....New York is the type of person you could laugh at, and laugh with if you were to be in the same room. I can compare her to me by her not tolerating B.S. She lets you no upfront if she's cool with something or not. I love her!! Muwah!

    ♥LadyScorpiiO :)
  • Tiffany aka New York is quite a warrior, I mean, after being rejected twice from Flavor Flav, she still was looking for some love and so that is why they made this show.

    I don't know how to even describe this show, it was sort of a spin-off of Flavor of Love which was another show that I tuned into, but this show was just a little too freaky for me. I mean, some of those guys competing for the LOVE of New York were a little to.. how can I say this? CRAZY? I mean, right off the bat at the naming ceremony, there were just some funky cats that were a little desperate to be in love with New York. Heck, she isn't even that pretty.. haha. I'm sorry. lol.
  • Although my girlfriend watched this show ever now then, I personally thought this show was dumb. This show is all about a semi-good looking girl trying to pick a bed buddy in the end.

    I would say this is utter crap, but just saying that upsets people. Its utter crap, but entertaining to a point. After seeing the type of guys on the show I realized I hope she gets one of the "real" losers...like Chance or Chump, one of the two, because you know three months down the road when the tv cameras aren't watching he'll dump her for someone else. The reason this would happen is because "New York" is a terrible person to spend time with. Although she might have some looks...she is not worth the pain of her voice or attitude.
  • After Flav dumped New York twice on television I applaud her for having the strength to have her own show to find her true love. Most of the men on the show were absolutely fake and just wasn't the best kind for New York. In the end she chose Tango, ahhh!

    In the first few shows I was pleased to see overly sensitive Romance, fake money having T Weed, traditional ways setting Heat, mental illness having Pootie, and think he too good confused 12 pack go. Chance, Whiteboy, Real, and Tango were the more suitable for her. White boy couldn't give up his feelings for his ex wife. Real was a sensible man but too laid back for New York. Tango would be better off with a video vixen cause he can't handle a HBIC like New York. Even though she picked him I hope he strong enough to deal with her. That proposal to me was weak because you have to be with someone and get to know someone way more than what he has with New York. Chance was fit for New York to the tee but her mom was afraid that his temper and his violent actions wouldn't be right for New York. Poor Mr. Boston he was a true stud because he never had been with a black girl before or around a mostly black crowd but he stuck it through. Onyx I think was a good man for New York but he disrespected her mom and that was it for him. Any man I didn't mention wasn't that important to talk about. When on national television some people don't pay attention to what's really at stake and to play with someone's emotions isn't right. New York was really trying to find love and some of those guys were just on the show for tv. I hope New York finds happiness with Tango and I alos hope he lets go of his selfish, conceited, and cocky ways.
  • I don't even know where to begin to summarize.

    I think New York is out of control and any guy thats willing to put up with that is just plain old CRAZY!I also think that New York is a selfish you know what. Who would want to be with her? I thought it was fab when pumpkin spit in her face!! The reason I rated it at all is because the guys on the show are HOT! I would watch the show if she didn't talk at all. I feel sorry for her because she will never find real love. Good luck anyways cause ya need it!
  • Everyone's favorite HBIC is back in this "Flavor of Love" series spin-off featuring the one and only New York, a.k.a. Tiffany Patterson. Joining New York is a group of 20 steamy hunks who will be fighting for her affections.

    This show is great. Im glad she picked Tango. I think that she and Tango would be able to get along great. I liked Chance, but he was too wild. They probably would've gotten along though. Tango was OK as I would say. Ireally preferred if she picked Chance though. New York is back!!!
  • I gave it a 9.7 cause it was a decent show there were alot of suprises but it was a complete trip lol.

    This show is about Tiffany "New York" from the orginal Flavor of love, She was voted off twice. So Vh 1 gave her own show where she can find love. Let get the point if you watch the show we all know who was the cream of the crop and was the best man for her which was "Real" he really cared for her and chance was a joke and he needed to be voted off long time ago but she wanted to give him a chance after the stunt with she finding out he got a child and then him pulling off his chain that was the last straw but she wasnt thinking. But in the end she choice "Tango" and he proposed to her and she said yes well as long as she is happy that is good we will see what happens in a few years.
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