I Love New York

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • Hello,The show is called I Love New York and What doeds the title have to do with anything of this show.

    I say this show is not even cool on VH1 because it's pretty much a boring show.VH1 makes bad shows except for The World Series Of Pop Culture.Of course,the bad shows on VH1 are that bad Flavor Of Love and that very dreadful I Love Money.I don't know why they called this show I Love New York,but it's maybe a bad title for a show.The show is very boring and it's maybe a bad show for the girls.It's not even better than those MTV shows.Well,they changed VH1 with not a bunch music shows and they are showing stupid,boring and bad shows on VH1 like a very bad Flavor Of Love,A not cool show that's this one,A very terrible I Love Money and a not very cool Charm School.That marks this show one of the very bad shows that is on that very not that cool reality show maker VH1 and I think MTV is better than this channel.VH1 is one of the worst channels to ever make one of the worst reality shows ever made in the history of worst reality show makers.I give this show and channel a F because this show is boring and stupid and it's the very baddest channel to ever make reality shows and that is why this channel and show deserves a F.