I Love New York

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • Can you say "disaster"? Honestly, this show is what I would suggest if you're bulimic and need something to help you throw up. I thought It couldn't get any worse than Flav's Flavor of Love, but it DID.

    ...And so, desperate Tiffany, obviously upset over her rejection by Flava, decided to host her very OWN bad reality show where SHE would be the rich, spoiled, show host so desperatly in need of companionship that she would resort to selling herself out to a pack of fake romantics in hot pursuit of her credit card and the instant fame they gain by appearing on the show. Honestly, that's all this show boils down to people. New York is the most spoiled, rotten, shallow person I think I've ever seen on TV, and her mom is a complete b*tch. Yet, her mom is probably the most sane person on the show, because she seems to realize the huge freaking problem with having her daughter sell herself on national TV. New York is the resulting mixture when you take a young girl so rich that she will never have to work a day in her life, plus the stereotypes of modern beauty, and the pressure forced upon those in the spotlight. The final result is a train wreck of emotional baggage. It's not pretty. But after her appearance on Flavor of Love, it was REALLY insane to give her her own show. I don't think I'm over-guessing it to say that no one but her mother will ever love her as a person. That's how you can tell all the guys on that show are after the cash. I actually pity Tiffany. It's not neccisarily her fault she's this way. This is what money and fame have turned her into, and because of what sh is now, she'll probably lead a miserable life. I don't think it's overguessing it to say that we can plan on seeing her in the headlines a LOT in coming years, and I doubt the news will be good. Look out world, because if her lifestyle doesn't change, we can expect the next big celebrity gone wrong.
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