I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 11

The Final Adios

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on VH1

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  • great

    really great 100 words dear thats really long
    how could this be done?? i wanna see this episode i am a german girl and i missed it today *crying* now i wanna see it but i cannot??? i dont check this page... it's too complicated... i just wanna see who she is going to choose, but what i am doing know is writing 100 words in a little white box... that sucks
    i wanna see something and i guess, that you guys don't wanna read it! esspecially because i don't know what you expect me to write.. shall i write how i enjoy your page or how i liked the episode?? wired, because i wasn't able to seeeee it!!! oh i have just recognised that i wrote over 130 words.. i m going 2 stop now... and now i hope to see "the final adios" let's see bye
  • Wild, Surprising, and Emotional. Could it truely be a happy ending?

    Yah ok so here we go with the finale of what has been a crazy azz 3 ring circus of jealousy, heartache, heartbreak, a busted nose, an emotional breakdown, soap opera level drama, and a whole multitude of outlandish behavior. Its finally come down to Tango ( the ninja turtle man ) and Chance ( anorexic 50 cent ) fighting over this spoiled rotten, self centered, wannabe princess biatch known as New York. Sparks fly, chairs fly, tables, and fists almost fly, between Tango and Chance, and to top it of it's not even about New York. Chance stages his performance dancing his ghetto temper tantrum trying to act big and bad, when he’s really just letting his temper get the best of him. A perfectly good lobster dinner was almost completely ruined. Chance had to be held back by the producers because Tango got him so riled up, all because he said Chance was a fake and here to promote his label "Stallionaires". How can Tango be taken seriously when the first thing he said about Chance was he admires his honesty, when He told NY last episode that he thinks Chance is full of it. Now you know that don't sound right when you put it together.
    NY does all the screaming she can to get them to stop fighting but, they pay her no attention. New York is stuck between them and just about catches a blow to the face. The funniest part was when Chance Kicks a pitcher and spills liquid all over Tango's lap, I had to laugh my arse off. Poor little Tiffany had to have her dinner all by herself, what a romantic evening. Well at least she was able to enjoy her food. After all is calm down next day both boys got there game face on and ready to win New York’s heart or at least steal it from the other. So New York decides she wants to spend the day with Tango first. They go out on a boat and, New York's ridiculously long eyelash almost comes flying off her face from the wind. She’s almost embarrassed but, she shouldn’t because it doesn’t matter to Tango he is already smitten by her. So they were able to share a laugh about it and get back to romancing. Next they enjoy lunch together on an island shore. They look like they really hit it off and are sweet together, in a different way than when Chance and New York are together, when New York and Chance are together it seems more about ego and lust, rather then genuine admiration. Of course NY is gonna take Tango back to her apartment and seduce his pants off. Well good for them, they got their freak on before things got crazy again. At least they will always have that night of passion together, in case the future has nothing to look forward to. I have to say NY did look pretty dang good in that tight black gown. Next day tango has to let her go , spoiling their momentum and hand her over to Chance. NY and Chance are gonna swim with dolphins? Is she crazy? We already know she is. Once again all she concerned about is her hair and makeup. Her whining has got to be gettin on Chance's nerves, what man can put up with that kinda behavior from a grown woman? She cryin like she’s 3 years old about them dolphins, when she was the one that decided to do it. Thankfully Chance was able to convince her to do it. That evening at dinner Chance is all about romance and he seemed to be doing a pretty good job sweet talkin her besides trash talkin Flav. How can she get upset about him callin Flav old man after all the smack she said about him?
    She takes Chance in for a night cap, shows off her body and he takes the bait. Next day is decision time and both men are feeling good and go out shoppin get one step ahead of the other. Chance goes all out with the fancy clothes and slick grooming, He even shaves between his eyebrows! His comments were funny as Hell. Tango is lookin for some high class bling to win over NY but he needed a little help with the choosing. A fine example of when it comes time to pick out jewlery men usually aren’t the experts. NY has got to make her final decision on the man she wants to be with. After much, ado she chooses Tango. She said she wants Tango to be her rock, which I can understand her thinking that because; he is more mature and loyal to her. I was afraid she would choose Chance because she he is more her type and excites her, but she made a grown up choice and went with someone better suited for her in the long run. I was surprised that she would do this, because I thought from the beginning that she had a soft spot for Chance and nothing was gonna change that. Chance looked so disgusted and I can't blame him for not hugging her. I would have been outta there real faster than a jack rabbit bein chased by a bear.
    Mama was so happy to see Chance walk out that door she practically wet herself and kissed the floor. Chance had his shot at the money she offered but he blew it and boy did he regret it. Like Mama told him. Still he would have been looked down on for taking the money over her so, at least he was able to walk away with his pride, knowing he never sold out to the "devil woman" To top it all off, a big surprise ending, Tango goes down on 1 knee and ask NY to marry him!
    In all the excitement NY don’t know what to think, her facial expressions go ballistic and she manages to spill out a yes. Isn't that the perfect ending to a romance novel?
    Its good to see that the man that loved her the most and endured the most to be with her ended up at her side. If only the rest of the story went, and the lived happily ever after. Yea Right!
  • Tango asks for her hands in marriage? Is he insane!!!!

    I've been meaning to post my review for this episode for a week now. I was actually pleased when she choose Tango, but perhaps after seeing the reunion show, she should have just chosen Chance with his skinny, crazy behind. HA. Chance is a serious nut. But then again, so is New York, perfect fit!!! She spends all day with Tango, and one of her eye lashes flutters all over the place. Hilarious. Next day she spends time with chance, and again she has to remove those long lashes because the water was making the glue not work. I'm sorry, but can she live without those lashes? What made me laugh was when it was time for her to swim with the dolphins, and she got all scared, and did her usual crying Chance tells her to man up. I was dying!!! Chance actually shows his romantic side. Had no idea he had one. She has feelings for both men, and has a tough decision to make. I was happy Chance got rid of the unibrow. NY tosses her mother out so she can make a decision about who to choose without interference from Mom dukes. Mom makes no bones that she hates, hates, hates Chance. Chance and Tango have to be put in seperate room due to their hate for each other. She chooses Tango to be her rock, and when she asks Chance for one last kiss he straight up disses her. He claims he tapped the A, hit the A, and something else with the A. New York did not need to be making all those faces!!! I could not stop laughing at her facial expressions. Too funny!!! Tango gives her an engagement ring, and of course I knew then, he had not seen what she said about his mother, because if he had, he would have NEVER gotten that ring for NY Big Mouth!!!

    Needless to say it was interesting to watch, and was eagerly looking forward to the reunion.
  • she kicks people off goes with tango gets ingaged to tango

    i thought it was really good it kept you interested i think if people herd about the show they would probly watch it every night its on the need to start a new season of it because it is a really good show i think they need to start making sure no one is gay before they let them on the show i think it was a good idea to bring the ex girlfrieds to the show i think if they hadnt they wouldnt really no anything about the guys on the show i think she made a good choice to go with tango
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  • She picks the crater face! Whats up with that?

    Chance and Tango...Tango and Chance. It should have been Real and Chance in the final two but whatever. That was hilarious when Chance went off I can't get enough of him. He should have his own reality show. So what did they do set it up so there will be another I Love New York series next year like they did with Flavor of Love? Tango won but does anyone think that will last...I don't and if it does that will be a miracle. Chance was more her type both are crazy as hell! I predict that at the reunion show New York will be like it didn't work out so there is going to be another series and half way through she will bring back Chance.
    That is what I think anyway I could be totally wrong.
    Or if her and Tango are still together they will have another show about them being engaged and getting married!
    So obviously I was a little disappointed when she didn't pick Chance. Oh well.
  • we down to the finale two Chance versus Tango

    Okay yall this is it the end and its down to Chance and Tango and im surprised Tango was there i thought he woulda been gone but it seems like whateva he do makes that b**** New York horney. So they have a , i guess tripole date and Tango had a good strategy callin Chance fake , but how he gonna play Chance like that come on now. Okay so she on the but and she said he girates , what the hell she is she talkin about , anyways she worried about who she gonna end up with and she worried about her eyelash , typical New york. So she swimin with dolphins now let me tell yall about weaves see they use glue to put it on your hair and when that s*** gets wet it falls out and you get Nappy thats why New York was trippin she aint want her hair to be fallin out , like her eylash did. so they in dinner and Chance how you gonna go and call Flav a old man that was not neccesery but it was funny as hell. so they get to elmination and Chance walks out on New York , B**** a course he gonna walk out naw u made yo chioce go be with Donatelo over there , and he perposes , what the f*** Tango do you seriously think she gonna be a house wife she gonna contimue with her old ways , watch. so the winner for this is crystal clear , Chance walked out in the nik a time and the loser Tango casue he stuck with New York now and my advice be carefull what you wish for cause you might get it , New york wished for love and she got purposed and i aint look like she was anywhere close to bein perpared for that.