I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 2

The Mangeant

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on VH1

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  • This was a funny episode

    The Mangent. Oh my how interesting and funny this was. Now some of the guys, ohhhhhh the bodies looked delicious. But there were a few I never want to see undressed every!!! Bonez, too dang skinny. Chance, another one, skinny. Mr. Boston, I never want to see his bootie in a thong again ever. I'm still having nightmares!! I can't look at cherry tomatoes without thinking about Momma NY's comment of Mr. Bostons bootie looking like a cherry tomato. Yuck. 3 guys that win will win a date with New York. I have to comment on this one thing first. 12 pack works out, has a slamming body, but he smokes!! Yuck!!! Actual beauty contestants help the men come up with their routines, and how they should walk and talk during the mangent. The guys wax chest hair, do push ups, have oil on their bodies for the competition. Token does not remove shirt, and of course NY was not pleased with that. She wanted to see what he was working with. Obviously he knew his limitations, so he probably did the world a favor not stripping. A very skinny Big Boi is the emcee for the mangent. Onix has a nice body, but when he said he would drive Chamo hard and strong, well that got the eye brows raised!!! Romance and his sob stories. My goodness man up Romance, Man up!!!

    Whiteboy wins, and he gets the extra time. Trendz is outted for bringing his demo CD's to give out. You know he will be sent packing. New York confronts 12-pack about having a girlfriend. New York is not feeling Token, and when he kisses her on the cheek instead of her lips, I think it's safe to say his fate on the show is sealed. Romance, Trendz and Token sent home. Romance told he needs prozac, and darn if dude does not get weepy while he does his exit interview. I'm sorry but Romance was a straight up punk. Again this show is giving me plenty of laughs. Plenty.
  • 20 pretty sexy guys try to win the affection of the one and only \\\"New York\\\"

    The premise of this show is not original at all, and I expected it to be a complete waste of time. 20 men are vying for the attention of the beautiful \\\\\\\"New York.\\\\\\\"

    But NOT so fast:

    This show is sexy, smart, and most of all VERY humorous. The show takes every opportunity to poke fun at itself - the comedic angle of this production is so in your face - you will find yourself laughing. New York is simply terrific. In one scene (sitting by herself), she ponders the lack of attentiveness of one of her suitors and says, \\\\\\\"I\\\\\\\'m not feeling him.\\\\\\\" The look on her face when she is excited by some of the men in the swimsuit competition is priceless. And most of all, we come to find out that New York is a pretty real down to earth gal. She loves and wants to be loved. Clearly not attracted to one of the men, New York begins trashing him but then contemplates that this man is here for her and not a hidden agenda (media exposure). The looks on her face whether laughing, getting excited, crying, etc are so refreshing to this viewer. You just cannot help but love New York. Not to be left out is New York\\\\\\\'s mother. This is what a sidekick is all about! In a debate over a man that New York is \\\\\\\"feeling\\\\\\\", her mother chimes in that this fellow has a girl\\\\\\\'s butt. She goes on to say that if her daughter and this man were walking away from her with just their butts showing, she could not tell the difference. Simply hysterical. All of this definitely keeps the viewer tuned in to who New York is \\\\\\\"feeling the most\\\\\\\" right now. And you have to wonder at times what New York is thinking. After having a date with \\\\\\\"Whiteboy\\\\\\\" at the amusement park, she declares success. I personally was horrified as \\\\\\\"Whiteboy\\\\\\\" has an IQ of a toothpick. But apparently New York is \\\\\\\"feeling him.\\\\\\\" Or her strange attraction to \\\\\\\"Chance\\\\\\\" who after this show is very likely to be inhabiting a prison near you - lol. But all of this will bring back the televison watchers. You definitely will not be disappointed with this show. I do not find it surprising at all that the season opener was the highest watched epsiode in VH-1\\\\\\\'s history. I think there will be more ratings firsts.
  • The second episode was a tv holiday.

    We had friends over, and with the food and drinks, we had a ball watching and laughing with this show. Tiffany's rawness is very attractive, but her mother seems to relish being critical of other's appearances. She must realize taht she isn't all that. Anyway, she is necessary as all others. It is interesting to watch males have fun trying to get the female, and not being scared of a criminal charge while having that female openly enjoy such attention. I hope we have enough room next week.