I Love New York

Season 1 Episode 4

What's Up Dog?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on VH1

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  • The guys are divided into 3 teams to construct dog houses for NY's pooch. The 3 winners get to go on consecutive cocktails, dinner and dessert dates with NY. The guys also attend church with NY and her Mom. The usual insanity ensues...

    Ok...this one was too funny! The doghouse construction bit was cute enough, but New York's date with Heat was nuts! That just HAD to be some incredibly bad acting on his part! No one is that crazy, and yeah, the eye thing was freaking me out too! Imagine being on a date with this guy who seems to be tweaking on some drug, his eyes bugging and twitching left and right. He was soooo fake!
    And the allusion to Heat and Sixpack being "just a bit too close" was hilarious. All the "are they gay overtones insinuated thru the montage of clips of the duo had me laughing. I do think that if anything, Heat had a little "man crush" on his boy.
    Sister Patterson at church woulda scared me right outta there! And yes, she did seem to be putting on a bit. I mean, come ON! Like Onix said, church hadn't even really started yet! At least let the preacher get rolling a bit before YOU do! Sorry to see him go. He was fabulous eye candy in that house!
    Happy she finally got rid of fake azz Heat, though. He shoulda been gone loooonng time ago, the minute he said NY would eat last. That woulda done it for me!
    Can't wait til next week!
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