I Love the 70s

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2003 on VH1



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    • Michael Ian Black: (on The Superfriends' Zan) I feel like the ability to transform yourself into water objects is about the least useful super power you could possibly have.

    • Greg Proops: All the people in my high school who were Who fans were jocks, and all the people who liked Led Zeppelin were the pot-smoking, acid-taking, Hobbit-reading groove monkeys.

    • Michael Ian Black: (on Animal House) If being a drunken slob college failure wasn't cool already, [John] Belushi made it even cooler.

    • Kevin Sorbo: (on Animal House) Is that what my kid's doing in college? No, no, no, Dad, that's just a movie.

    • Michael Ian Black: (on The Price is Right) Contestants battle wits to see who has the greater knowledge of how much Ajax costs.

    • Lionel Richie: (on his "Brick House") This record came out, and my grandmother did not go to church for a month. This song just upset the entire family, but took over the world.

    • Stuart Scott: It's really simple once you break it all down: The Wizard of Oz, white; The Wiz, black.

    • Jeff Stilson: How about giving Tattoo his fantasy and adding four feet onto his height?

    • Mo Rocca: The Bee Gees liberated all of us who wanted to sing in our falsetto.

    • Rachael Harris: (on Underalls) They were, like, the mother of all granny panties.

    • Rich Eisen: (on B.J. and the Bear) I think a typical show premise was that B.J. had to go somewhere, let's get the Bear, and then Sheriff Lobo was gonna be in the mix.

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