I Love the 70s

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2003 on VH1



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    • Michael Ian Black: [The Village People were] six very fit men, singing about having sex, at the Young Men's Christian Association.

    • Scott Ian: (on the Pittsburgh Pirates) For some reason, ["We Are Family"] became their theme song because the team would sing it, and it just turned Pittsburgh into one big gay disco.

    • Jim Gaffigan: (on 10) I remember thinking, "I'm too young to have these dirty thoughts," and I put my pants on and I left the theater.

    • Stuart Scott: (on Bo Derek's cornrow hairstyle) Bo, now come on. Come out and make a statement or something, tell people that you got it from the sistas.
      Bo Derek: Yes! Actually, Stuart, I did steal it from the sistas.

    • Stuart Scott: Dudley Moore being in 10. Right then and there, you know it's a movie, it's not real life.

    • Stephen Lynch: (on the Village People) America naively thought they were just a bunch of guys singing about the YMCA.

    • Stuart Scott: (on Alien) Here's a movie about drama and action and a confrontation of good and evil, and what is the most memorable part? Sigourney Weaver in her panties.

    • Mo Rocca: (on Three's Company) My favorite episode is definitely the one with the whole misunderstanding.

    • Mo Rocca: The Chippendales showed, once and for all, that you do not need to wear a shirt to wear a bowtie.

    • Kevin Weisman: (on Pop Rocks) It's a horrible combination of chemicals, that's delicious.

    • Miguel Ferrer: CHiPs was one of the worst television shows of the '70s, without a doubt.

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