I Love the 70s

VH1 (ended 2003)


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  • Not even thought of durning this decade:)

    But got to see how it was back then. Great. Funny.
  • A Show about products, shows, toys, movies, EVERYTHING from the 70's.

    This is one of my all time favorite mini-series to watch, Along with all the other "I Love..." on VH1. It gives me a little taste of what the 70's were like, since obviously, I wasn't around then. All the people who comment, are soo funny. Although I LOVE this mini-series, "I Love the 70's;Strikes Back" is better, in my opinion.
    At times, the show does get a little gross, with the stuff that everybody says. But then again, im 13, and I don`t think that the creators had children in mind when they were making it. Anyways, I love this show.

    Great job VH1! Keep `em coming! :)
  • this show was alright, and kind of interesting

    This show explored the pop culture of the 1970's. I wasn't born till 1977, so it was interesting to see what happened in the years when I was realyl little and don't remember, as well as the years prior to it. I knew alot about the music and clothes, but this show had several different hidden gems. It was a pretty interesting show, maybe not as good or as popular as I love the 80's but it was good. I don't think most people who were born in the 70's still watch VH1 it's more for 90's and maybe late 80's kids with their teeny bopper programming so maybe that's why this show wasn't as popular.
  • Really great series

    This show is great. It tells about some of the great shows, movies, and other things that happened in the 70s. The celebrity panal make the show even more interesting with thier commentary and jokes. Some of my favorite segments included Zoom, Sesame Street, Electic Company, Bob Eubanks SOngs to Make Whoopee To, The Excorcist, and the newer one, Chavo and her "shows" such as "Chavo's Angels" and "Chavo in the Family" I really hope VH1 keeps making the "I Love" series for years to come. Seeing some of the things again will take you back to your childhood.
  • A show about the 70's pop culture joked about by a panel of celebrities and comics.

    This show has been consistently funny and is one of the only shows that at Thanksgiving, my whole family (including my grandma) could watch and not yell at me at for being "junk". My favorite segments had to be the ones on Carrie (which started an obsession with my cousin), Barry Manilow (the phone call...hilarious), Star Wars, Liberace, Jackson 5, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory at every single segment I found something hilarious in, and most of the stuff in that decade I don't even know about. The only thing I don't like about this is that there's the most sex jokes in this series than the others. Also, its the only one that never got a sequel...

    I'll still give it a 10 though.
    Because I rate most series high , and episodes mixed. =)