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  • VH1 dips back into the 80s well for another off-beat, "mockery with a dash of reverence" look at the cheesiest decade of them all.

    This show holds very true to the old adage that you don't fix what isn't broken. Following the formula of the original and "Strikes Back" versions to a T, we once again get a cornucopia of comedians and other assorted lesser celebrities spouting off the cuff remarks on TV, movies, music, gadgets & toys, fads, and news stories that immediately scream "eighties!!!" to anyone hearing or seeing them. The added bonus this edition was the use of 3D, though the show could be watched without the use of the glasses. The only other slight difference was perhaps a slight decrease in the number of comments from people personally connected to the 80s events being described.
    Many old favorites (including Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks, Mo Rocca, Loni Love, and Rachael Harris) are back, but there are plenty of newcomers like Joe Lorge and Chris Coppola bringing their own views to the table, though the lack of Donal Logue was a tad disappointing. As usual, commercial breaks are preceded by and/or followed by yearly segments, this time dealing with topics such as teen idols, hot moms, and, befitting the show's title, movies that should've been made in 3D.
    It was great to see that there are still plently of things to review without the show feeling like they're grasping at straws for ideas, and you're left feeling that the inevitable 4th edition would be just as great as well. As usual, the first and last nights (1980-81, 1988-89) are not quite as good as the middle nights, whose years (1982-87) feature more of that almost indefinable "80s cheese factor", and are therefore a bit more open to clever mockery. In any case, this show serves it purpose once again as a hilarious look back for those who lived through the decade, and an enjoyable history lesson for those who did not. The reruns for this show will be plentiful, so be sure to catch them when you can!
  • I love VH1. I love this show! It's my favorite one in the series. I can't wait until the next I love the 70s comes out!

    Hoo-ray for Vh1! I love the entire I love the ____ series!
    My favorite actors are Micheal, Hal, and Mo. I just love this show! My favorite Segments were on the Noid, (he tries to make your pizza cold!) The Legend of Zelda, (oh yeah, had the bombs!) and Rambo: First Blood. (He could kill you with a leaf!) I enjoy the show a lot. Like, every chance I get. If you love the 80s, (or 70s, 90s, toys, ect.) I would recommend getting cable and clicking on to VH1! Sure some of the jokes are out there, but I still say you should watch at least one episode.

    - TwilightWolf3
  • Informative yet off the wall!

    OK, I couldn't stand it anymore! I have to tell everyone I love this! This is one of the best, if not the best shows that VH1 has made. VH1 is reviewing the 1980's in a new way. They talk about different issues but kind of make fun of it. I love how they not only take comedians but they have singers, actors, game show hosts and they have even had a jewish priest! They get to show their opinions and it's not told how they like to show it, people tell it like it is. When somebody makes a comment about something and then you say "Oh yeah! Remember that! Those were horrible" or some other catchphrase. They do each year in review. It just a great way to remember how you lived and looked in a new point of view. I hope they make a 4 one.
  • I wasn't there, but I Love the 80's 3D makes it like I was. I think I know more about the 80's than a person who actually lived in that decade.

    When I heard about the I Love the 80's 3D, I wasn't as interested because the other VH1 I Love the Whatever Year chapters weren't as good as this one. The comedians/actors were great choices and left me laughing my socks off every minute of this show. As stated before, I wasn't alive in the 80's, but this show was like a mini history lesson and made fun of the eighties but in a totally good way! The only parts I didn't like about the show (mostly because I got bored of them after seeing the episodes more than once) are the things that came after the show was taking a commercial break, like the hot mommas of whatever year was on the show. It wasn't necessary, but I guess it was a little detail. Overall, I give this show/chapter a ten out of ten. Absolutely fabulous.
  • Possibily the funniest documentary about the '80s done by VH1.

    VH1 brings back another great installment about the 1980's and has a hilarious ensamble talk about the events of the decade. I found it great that VH1 brought back many old favorites like Hal Sparks, Micheal Ian Black, and brought in new celebrities like Wil Wheaton, Emmanuel Lewis and Elvira to mainly mock and sometimes seriously discuss the events, popular fad items, movies and shows, and actors that were in the news in the different years of the 80's. I find it great that the celebrity panel can make the viewers of the show laugh so much when the make fun of everything they talked about. I was really happy to see that a new, hilarious installment was made about what happened during that era.
  • The third time around yet still as enjoyable as the first series...

    I'll have to admit that I do watch the I Love.. series every time I see it on. Nothing beats looking back and seeing what people thought of all the things that happened in a particular year and decade.

    This series is no exception. It's the third trip down the line for the I Love the 80's, yet I still enjoy watching it. Even after this third go around they will have probably missed something that should have gone in there. It was a decade filled with unbelievable real-life stories (like the cyanide Tylenol incident) and all the films like Rambo: First Blood and Terms of Endearment.

    I can't believe the first time around they forgot before this series to include Star Search and Jaws 3-D. Which brings me to the 3-D bit. I didn't even realize until half way through the series that the show was airing in 3-D. Now I'm in search of some 3-D glasses just to see how different it looks. Too bad I don't have a Best Buy near me but I might be able to find some somewhere in some decade. For I am sure this show will be airing countless times just like the other I Love series and I'll still be there watching them all, 3-D glasses or not.
  • another we love the 80's

    Liked the first i love the 80's but it's becoming to repetitive. I wish they'd have ended it when they said they would and not added on. i love the 80's but i dislike this show....no more words so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • A new installment to the series that shows it can reveal even more about the 80's.

    The show is a good one where the comedians of nearly every I Love 80s show appears. It's funny where it can be, like in scenes where Elvira talks about the boobs of the 80s. Be sure to get the glasses from Best Buy, and decide whether you know enough about the 80s than VH1.