I Love the ‘80s: 3D

VH1 (ended 2005)





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  • The third time around yet still as enjoyable as the first series...

    I'll have to admit that I do watch the I Love.. series every time I see it on. Nothing beats looking back and seeing what people thought of all the things that happened in a particular year and decade.

    This series is no exception. It's the third trip down the line for the I Love the 80's, yet I still enjoy watching it. Even after this third go around they will have probably missed something that should have gone in there. It was a decade filled with unbelievable real-life stories (like the cyanide Tylenol incident) and all the films like Rambo: First Blood and Terms of Endearment.

    I can't believe the first time around they forgot before this series to include Star Search and Jaws 3-D. Which brings me to the 3-D bit. I didn't even realize until half way through the series that the show was airing in 3-D. Now I'm in search of some 3-D glasses just to see how different it looks. Too bad I don't have a Best Buy near me but I might be able to find some somewhere in some decade. For I am sure this show will be airing countless times just like the other I Love series and I'll still be there watching them all, 3-D glasses or not.