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I Love the 80s

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VH1's special I Love The 80's takes a look back at all the years from 1980-1989. Stars make jokes and cracks at the times back then and review them. Popular events and items from each individual year are touched upon, and there are several recurring segments that appear in every episode, recounting the "Babes of...," "Hunks of...," "Born in...", and a "Then and Now" comparison for each year.
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  • GREAT!!!

    Funny as hell. Love the stars they have to talk about it.
  • Oh yes.

    Even If I was born away from the 80's, it's in my heart. It's a homage to me. A good era of music. Where everything is nice. This show features the stuff and songs made from 80's. Cartoons, movies, and almost everything at the 80's! 80's is the time that NES rose. 80's is the time that real music grows. 80's is the time for the foundations for the modern stuff. God, bless the 80'smoreless
  • VH1 looks back on the Yuppie decade with both mockery and reverence via an immensely entertaining and fast-paced format.

    VH1 hardly knew what they were getting themselves into when they adapted the original BBC format to recreate this show for American audiences. The show was a wild-fire smash that spawned spin-offs and sequels, and with good reason. Broken into 10 episodes, each looking at one individual year, the show mixes current comics and stars from the past reliving the 1980s in all their cheese-tastic glory.

    From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Brat Pack, and from Madonna to Who's the Boss, everything that made the '80s what it was gets examined and ridiculed. Current comics like Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks, and Mo Rocca provide hilarious sound-bites on nearly all topics, while people who were a major part of the '80s (Kim Fields, Dee Snider, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Mary Lou Retton) provide the viewpoint of people who really experienced making the '80s what they were. Songs, movies, trends, toys/gadgets, TV, politics: everything gets a look, but nothing stays on the screen too long, with most topics getting 60-90 seconds of time.

    There are also a few standard segments, with each episode having "Born In", "Babes of", "Hunks of", and "Make-Out Songs of" whatever year is being showcased, plus a Then-and-Now comparison.

    This is one show that anyone who lived through the 1980s needs to see, as you will really enjoy reliving memories, and for anyone younger it's a fantastic and hilarious history lesson.moreless
  • This show is for anyone who grew up in the 80's, misses the 80's or missed the 80's!

    This show is about the 80's and it tells you about the cars, the toys, the world, the people, the music and the moves. The show is a hour long and it starts in 1980 and goes to 1989. they have many different types of i love the 80's like 3-D and strikes back. It has many guests on it the "Weird Al" Yankovic, Chris Jerico, Nelson, Spinal Tap, Paula Abdul,Hal Sparks and many others! They will show clips of the show, movie, product or person at the time there talking about. At the end of the show the fast talkiing John Moschitta recaps the whole show!moreless
  • Yes!

    One of the best pop culture profile shows ever. Almost as much fun as being there.

    This show profiles the madcap fun of the decade in which so many went to school, played video games, heard their first rock records, and made hair decisions some would later call "unusual." It features stars who were in their youth at the time, and the original actors and musicians of the time. Every year has its own episode, with quotes, clips, toys, shows and other weird artifacts aplenty. Some of these will make you wonder what the heck we were thinking; all of it will make you smile.

    I catch this show every time it's on.moreless

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