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I Love the 90's Part Deux

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You want the truth. You can't handle the truth! But here it is anyway: VH1 is going back to the grungiest decade ever for I Love The 90's: Part Deux!

VH1 is bringing its highly successful and hilarious I Love The 90s approach back for I Love The 90s: Part Deux! From caller I.D. to Moviefone, from the Patch to The Club, and from Grumpy Old Men to grumpy young chicks like Alanis and Fiona we're gonna take on all The Usual Suspects and more! I Love The 90s: Part Deux will give viewers a `90s dose of the music, movies, TV shows, products, fashions, fads, trends, scandals and major events that defined pop culture each year of the decade. From Drew Carey to American Gladiators, Pump Sneakers to the Wonderbra, from Starbucks to Zima ... we will revisit it all from the ludicrous to the inspiring and everything in between.

A new batch of comics, rock stars, actors, and other celebs from the present and, the not too distant past, will reflect on the '90s experience. They will again address all the major questions of the decade: Did Clinton really inhale? Who let the Spice Girls into the country? What kid wouldn't want to start smoking to be cool as Joe Camel? Was a Planet Hollywood burger really worth $25 because you can eat it sitting next to Forrest Gump's suit? And most important of all: Who decided Euro Disney was a good idea?

Viewers will get a chance to pump up the jam with every aspect of '90s pop culture in each year of the most slammin' decade on record. We're not just talking music, TV and movies either. We mean everything: toys, scandals, fashion, cars and anything else that helped make the `90s 2 legit 2 quit.

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  • Forget History Channel Documentaries!! This is what to watch if you want to know about a decade!

    Forget History Channel Documentaries!! This is what to watch if you want to know about a decade! This show is something I watch whenever it comes on. I scour my DVR guide every single week looking for this show.

    My favorite Actors who comment for things on this program are Hal Sparks (funny, funny guy) Michael Ian black (the sacarstic jew), Mo Rocca (the other sarcastic one) and Loni love (big black momma), and Rachel Ray Harris (the blonde girl). The trends, the tunes, the tv, the movies and fashions are all given great commentary from many different views. Although I have noticed that some topics are given selective commentary, rap songs by black people, action films by guys, I dunno. Anyway, great show, great fun.moreless
  • I didn't think they had enough information to have a 2nd 80's and I really didn't think there was enough to make another 90's series, but there sure was.

    Like I said in the review of the first 90's series, it was hard to do because it wasn't that long ago, it's hard to go back down memory lane when it was only a few years ago, like 1997,1998 & 1999. They did it well though, and then found alot of other stuff they missed enough to do the second 90's series just as good as the first one. I'm more into the 80's and 80's strike back personally but this was a good show and is worth watching for a stroll down memory lane. It's also good as I said in the 90's review because alot of the VH1 viewers wer born in the late 1980's or early 1990's. It a decent show to watch.moreless
  • This is a great show for anyone that grew up in the 1990s. This is like a time machine, and as you return to the grunge days, you realize that times have changed since then. After an hour of watching, you're back in reality.moreless

    'I Love The 1990s’ takes you back to music, fashion, fads, and movies from the 1990s, or that specific year that's being shown, say 1991.

    This is a show that you say to yourself.

    "Oh yeah, I remember that."


    "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I wore those."


    "I can't believe I liked that movie or song."

    Sometimes you look back and say.

    "I remember the first time I got on the Internet."

    But... 60 minutes later you're zapped back in reality and in the current year and now you're fighting spam, viruses, and spyware.moreless
  • This show was such a good idea

    For all you teenagers, who want to enjoy nostalgia, but really aren't old enough to deserve it this show is perfect. You get to see all the things you missed and forgotten as well as those you fondely remeber are fondely remeber hating from the 90's. This show also helps you to find "old" movies you wanted to watch at the time, but have forgotten about. It's also freakin' hilarious alot of the time. If you want to take a journey back to the wild and crazy 90's, watch this show.moreless
  • For anyone growing up in the 90s, this show will provide lots of entertainment.

    If you grew up in the 90s, or even if you didn't, I'd say this show is worth watching. Part of VH1's "I love the [decade]" series, the show covers the fads, movies, shows, music, and news from my favorite decade.

    It really manages to provide a nostalgic ride through a number of memorable moments from that great ten-year span. Some of the items covered include the great movies of the 90's (Falling Down, Terminator 2, Clerks, Mallrats), news like the OJ trial, some of the "classic" music like one-hit-wonder Meredith Brooks, fads like Pokemon, and more. If any of these kinds of topics brings a little smile to your face, I'd definitely recommend watching both the original "I Love the 90's" as well as Part Deux.

    Or if you're not a child of the 90s, the series for the other decades are equally entertaining. It's an excellent series with the right amount of humor and nostalgic flashbacks to keep you interesterd.moreless

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