I Love the 90's Part Deux

VH1 (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • 1999
      Episode 10
      Topics discussed include: TV series Freaks and Geeks; Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions; Carson Daly on TRL; Matthew McConaughey busted for being naked and banging drums. James Van Der Beek in Varsity Blues; Nickelodeon cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants; Garth Brooks pretending to be character Chris Gaines. Jay-Z's video for Hard Knock Life Lance Armstrong beats testicular cancer and races in Tour de France. Emeril Lagasse on the Food Network. Energy drink Red Bull. Limp Bizkit; TV series The Tom Green Show; Ben Stein becomes popular with Win Ben Stein's Money; Movie Being John Malkovichmoreless
    • 1998
      Episode 9
      Topics discussed include: Adam Sandler in The Waterboy; Matthew Broderick in Godzilla; TV series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Alanis Morisette's video for Thank You; Gerry Halliwell leaves the Spice Girls; Rave parties become very popular among youth; former child star Gary Coleman punches a woman after she asks for an autograph; Wesley Snipes in Blade; Potato chips with olestra in them; Mad Cow Disease in America;. Oprah Winfrey is sued by the meat industry over a comment over meat and wins suit; Supermodel Naomi Campbell attacks former assistant; Warren Beatty and Halle Berry in Bulworth and video for Ghetto Superstar from Praz;. Horror movie Urban Legends; MTV's Jesse; El Nino pounds America; Movie Run, Lola, Run; VH1's Behind the Music with formerly famous artists; Video for Smack My Bitch Up from Prodigy.moreless
    • 1997
      Episode 8
      Kenny G blows the longest note and lands in Guiness Book, Meredith Brooks' single "Bitch." R.J. Reynolds stops using Joe Camel in cigarette advertisements. Blockbuster movie "Titanic." Nicholas Cage in movie "Con Air." Television industry adds TV ratings to its programming. Song "Sex and Candy" from Varsity Playground. NBA star Latrell Sprewell chokes his coach. Sportscaster Marv Albert gets busted for biting his girlfriend in the back and is suspended. Demi Moore in "G.I. Jane." Women in the WNBA gets big. Actor Chris Farley dies. 34 year-old teacher Mary Kay Laterneau is accused of having sex with her 12-year-old student. Sugar Ray's song "Fly" with Mark McGrath. Sci-fi comedy movie "Starship Troopers." Paula Jones gets a makeover. TV's "Pokemon" and action figure. Barbie Doll scales down women figure.moreless
    • 1996
      Episode 7
      Madonna in "Evita." The debut of "7th Heaven." Michael Flatley's "The Lord of the Dance" takes the world by storm. 1996 Olympics. Melissa Etheridge and partner Julie Cypher reveal singer/songwriter David Crosby was (and still is!) the biological father of their child. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's sex tape becomes available. Singer R. Kelly's video "I Believe I Can Fly." Popularity of George Clooney and the famous caesar haircut. More Coming Soon!moreless
    • 1995
      Episode 6
      The O.J. Simpson trial is the big news event. NewsRadio premiered on TV, while Mallrats and Species played at the cineplex. Dionne Warwick and Miss Cleo invited America to get psychic readings over the phone, and Moviefone had movie listings a call away. The Planet Hollywood-esque Fashion Cafe is opened by supermodels and flops one year later. Newt Gingrich proves his cluelessness about women in the army.moreless
    • 1994
      Episode 5
      TV series "Tales from the Crypt." America is introduced to the wonderbra. Woody Harrelson in "Natural Born Killers." TV series "Models Inc.", a "Melrose" spin-off. Rangers win the Stanley cup for the first time in 54 years. TV commercial with Ricooolaaaaaaa promoting medical advice. Anna Nicole Smith marries elderly man. U.S. is outraged over citizen Michael Faye getting caned in Singapore over his punishment. The Club keeps people and their cars safer.moreless
    • 1993
      Episode 4
      The Energizer Bunny. Drink "Zima." Michael Douglas in "Falling Down." WB's "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain." Sylvester Stallone in "Cliffhanger." Various floods in the Midwest. Robin Williams in "Mrs. Doubtfire." "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book and spin-off books. Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." Tennis player Monica Seles gets stabbed by a patron. Cypress Hill and video "Insane in the Membrane." Frank Sinatra's Duets recordings. More Coming Soon!moreless
    • 1992
      Episode 3
      The introduction of the thigh master from Suzanne Somers. TV show "Mad About You." Former Pres. George Bush Sr. throws up in Tokyo dinner. Presidential candiate Bill Clinton tried marijuana, but didn't inhale. Sinead O'Connor tears up picture of Pope on "SNL." TV show "Studs." Tom Hanks, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell in "A League of their Own." John Gray's "Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus" book. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in "White Men Can't Jump." Teen Talk Barbie introduced. The introduction of Euro Disney flops. TV show "Northern Exposure" and TV show "American Gladiators."moreless
    • 1991
      Episode 2
      Kevin Costner in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenneger open "Planet Hollywood." David Duke running for Governor of Lousiana and former leader of the KKK. Public Enemy and Anthrax record new "Bring the Noise." Lollapalooza tour, "Jungle Fever", The USSR collapses. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." Video "Walking Games" with Chris Issac. Native Americans offended by "Braves" fans of the tomahawk chop. Starter jackets. The introduction of beepers. "The Rugrats." Red Hot Chili Peppers and song "Give It Away Now." Wilt Chamberland's book "A View from Above." "Extreme." Movie "Cape Fear."moreless
    • 1990
      Episode 1
      Kathy Bates and James Caan's "Misery". Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Total Recall" and "Kindergarten Cop." Paula Abdul's video "Opposites Attact." Matthew and Gunnar Nelson twins. Warren Beatty and Madonna's "Dick Tracy" and soundtrack "Vogue." "Cop Rock." The introduction of caller I.D., "Supermarket Sweep", Bell Biv Devone and song "Poison", Fanny Packs. "2 Live Crew" rappers and controversy. MTV's "Unplugged." Mike Tyson gets knocked out by unknown boxer Buster Douglas. Dolphin Save Tuna campaign. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Days of Thunder." The first McDonald's restaurant in the city of Moscow.moreless