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I Love the 90s

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This series focuses on all things pop culture from the years 1990-1999. From major headlining music stars such as Vanilla Ice, Nirvana, and Hammer to various TV shows and movies including Titanic, "I Love The 90's" compacts major memorable events from the years we cherished.
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  • Grew up during this decade.

    Love this. Takes you back. Funny as hell.
  • I can see why this is the best reated one because this is knd of the age of the VH1 viewers. That's not meant to be rude, it just seems like it is.moreless

    They probably should have waited a little bit before making the series on the 90's, as well as part Deaux, since the 1990's was only over for a bit when this show was made. Maybe they should have stretched the 80's out longer, but it's easy for me to say that now. I did find some of the stuff interesting, there were more things that I realized that happened in the 90's. It was also cool to see stuff that happened during my high school years for me personally. This was interesting, just not as good as the 80's and almost as good maybe tied with the 70's. It's still worth watching.moreless
  • One word: FUNNY

    A nostalgiac look back at the 1990's in the midst of movies, music, shows, scandals, trends, and news events.

    Making appearances to talk about the last decade's pop culture are: Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, Michael Bolton, and countless others including Lord of the Rings' Dominic Monaghan.

    Even if you just can not stand the 90's you'll get a chuckle out of the comments from the various celebrities they feature.

    Things in the show are:

    Dominic Monaghan doing the MC Hammer Dance; Hal Sparks doing the "Forbidden Dance". Comments on bands, tv shows, and news events. Jibes at films such as Resivior Dogs, Point Break, Austin Powers, and many many more. The are "the hotties of the 1990's" and The dirty rocker guys of 1990's. Plus the answer to the question "why in the world would you clone a sheep?"

    "They're all the same, they wear wooly sweaters and they go baaah." ~Dominic Monaghan. Oh how I adore him!

    If you are depressed then watch this show, it will make you laugh your butt off.

  • Popular stuff from the 90s - check. Loved- check Great! Vh1 doing good... The best thing since Best Week Ever... Funny stuff... check, check, and check! All this tuff makes a good show.moreless

    Popular stuff from the 90s - check. Loved- check

    Great!Vh1 doing good...The best thing since Best Week Ever...Funny stuff...check, check, and check! All this stuff makes a good show.Vh1 is doing good and trust me i know! This and part two covers all the stuff from the 90s that had rock the world.. expect Nintendo 64... yeah no 64 here!
  • This is a great show for anyone that grew up in the 1990s. This is like a time machine, and as you return to the grunge days, you realize that times have changed since then. After an hour of watching, you're back in reality.moreless

    'I Love The 1990s’ takes you back to music, fashion, fads, and movies from the 1990s, or that specific year that's being shown, say 1991.

    This is a show that you say to yourself.

    "Oh yeah, I remember that."


    "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I wore those."


    "I can't believe I liked that movie or song."

    Sometimes you look back and say.

    "I remember the first time I got on the Internet."

    But... 60 minutes later you're zapped back in reality and in the current year and now you're fighting spam, viruses, and spyware.moreless
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