I Love the 90s

Season 1 Episode 7

I Love: 1996

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2004 on VH1



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    • Jake Fogelnest: [Fran Drescher]'s a great character actress but like, I don't wanna wake up to that, you know. (clip of Fran's nasal Hello) Which is awkward 'cause we have slept together.

    • Modern Humorist: (on Oasis) All their song names were like drink names. "I'll take a 'Champagne Supernova', a 'Wonderwall', two Harvey Wallbangers, and a Long Island iced tea."

    • Beth Littleford: (on the macarena) We white people do love to dance in formation, don't we?

    • Rachael Harris: All I know is when I saw a Mentos commercial, it was some sort of European humor that I didn't get.

    • John Mayer: "You Oughta Know" was written about Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Charlie on Full House.
      Rachael Harris: Wow. Wow, that guy? Somebody need some meds.

    • Craig Ferguson: I liked the song "Ironic", but the things she sings about are not irony.

    • Loni Love: [Tiger Woods] called himself a cablinasian; I call him a negroese.

    • Simon Doonan: When I think of Zubaz pants, I think of one word: fromage.

    • Jaleel White: (on Independence Day) Will just hopped in the cockpit and knew how to fly an alien spaceship.

    • Trey Parker: Tickle Me Elmo was one of the things that really made me hate the '90s.

    • Scott Ian: (on the macarena) There's at least eight million morons in this country, because that's how many people bought the records.

    • Modern Humorist: (on Sling Blade) Dwight Yoakam showed a country musician could really stretch as an actor and play a redneck.

    • Jaleel White: (on Dennis Rodman) Who the hell wouldn't show up at a Barnes & Noble to see a 6' 8" black man in a wedding dress?

    • Hal Sparks: I didn't need a reason to hate Kathy Lee Gifford I was just happy to get one.

    • Mo Rocca: What if God WAS one of us? Well, I suppose he'd be psyched to be in a video.

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    • Commenting on Jerry Maguire's marketing campaign, which promoted it as being romantic to women, and as being about football to men, Beth Littleford says, "pretty sneaky sis." This refers to the catch phrase found in television ads for Connect Four, where a boy says this after being beaten by his sister.