I Married Dora

ABC (ended 1988)


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  • A culture-clash sitcom, but with so much political correctness, it defeats it's own premise..

    In the old days of TV, a comedy based on a foriegner married to an American would result in lots of culture shock gags. In such shows where this happens, (I Love Lucy, Angel, Green Acres, etc.) an easy source of fun can come from misinterpretations from double meaning of words, or customs unknown outside of the U.S., and also the foriegner's assumed national temprement can come into play.
    Not so in I Married Dora. She's a central American character who is married by her employer(She's a maid/housekeeper) in order for her to stay in America.But unlike Ricky Ricardo so long ago, she's remarkably well spoken in English. So that lets out the humourous mangling of words. Though she's only a domestic, she seems like a feminist committee-created, no-nonsense, overcapable woman everyone respects as socially equal. Unfortunately, no laughs come from being competent and solidly in control.
    In fact, the artifical, politically correct character is such a stiff drag that the series was, too. If they had alowed her to be silly and easily excited and malaprop-prone, she might have been funny..
    The last episode had a notable twist; She loses her visa and is deported. The family bids Dora farewell at the airport, and she leaves to take her flight. Then she comes back to say they shouldn't even bother with the last scene because, (as they turn to the audience), they've been canceled. They throw the remaining pages of script in the air and walk off!!