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I Married Joan

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I Married Joan is the epitome of the 1950s family sitcom. An upstanding, sensible husband (Judge Bradley Stevens) is married to a wacky, well-meaning wife (Joan Stevens) who causes problems with her hare-brained schemes.
Early episodes opened with Judge Stevens in the courtroom relating to the parties involved some similar situation he had endured with his wife, Joan. Then the action would shift to the Stevens' story. (In syndication most of the opening courtroom scenes were edited out.)
Slapstick and physical comedy was at the core of the show with lots of mugging, waving of arms, and crazy situations. Joan did everything from jitterbugging with a chimp to getting tangled in a harp.
To say this series was patterned after TV's #1 show I Love Lucy would be an understatement. It was not uncommon to find whole chunks of Lucy plots lifted and re-purposed on this series, or physical business originally performed by Lucille Ball re-enacted by Joan Davis.
The show featured several different actors and actresses as the friends of the Stevens' including Hope Emerson, Hal Smith and Dan Tobin. Also featured in seasons two and three was Beverly Wills, Joan Davis' real-life daughter, playing Joan's kid sister, Beverly.



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Joan Davis

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  • I LOVE both women, Lucille Ball AND Joan Davis

    I first watched "I Married Joan" about 25 yrs ago and I always thought it was hilarious (I'm 50+). I had seen every episode of "I Love Lucy" at least 20 times and I was I ready for a change. Joan Davis was a total goof in her series and I wish there were more shows. I also wish they would've left the part in with the Judge talking to the people in the courtroom, the way it was originally aired. Another great oldie is with Groucho Marx, he was one of the funniest men ever alive, I think his show was called "You Bet Your Life." The movies he made with his brothers are great to watch also.moreless
  • This show has similarities to I Love Lucy, yes, but I think Joan is a character all her own and her husband played by Jim Backus was definitely different from Ricky.moreless

    I just saw an episode of this show late last night on the PAX network and I instantly fell in love with it :) While yes I am one of the world\'s biggest I Love Lucy fans, I felt like Joan had her own unique take on her mishaps and was definitely different than Lucy. I mean this show did last for 3 seasons, if it were a Lucy carbon copy, it wouldn\'t have lasted a season. This was also the first time I had seen Jim Backus (a much younger version!) other than Gilligan\'s Island! I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys classic 50s sitcoms (I\'m 34 years old by the way but I LOVE them! :) ) I loved it :)moreless
  • Lucy, you can't be in the show! But Joan Davis can rip you off in one of her own!

    Even in the earliest years of television, it didn't take long for unoriginal programmers to do a knock-off of a hit show. NBC waited a whole season to slap together this obvious rip-off of 'I Love Lucy'. Even the name of the series is practically a duplicate. But with no Lucille Ball or Desi Arnaz, they ended up with a zany, wacky, and lame mess.

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