I Married Joan

NBC (ended 1955)


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  • Season 3
    • The Jail Bird
      The Jail Bird
      Episode 26
      Joan fears she's become a sleepwalking kleptomaniac when stolen jewelry stars appearing in her purse. It turns out the sticky fingers--err claws-- belong to Christopher, an injured crow she befriended. The bird is an accomplice to a jewel thief whom Joan mistakes for a psychiatrist.
    • The Cowboy
      The Cowboy
      Episode 25
      After the judge finds a case in favor of one-time cowboy movie star Bucko Bob Brady, Brad and Joan decide he needs to make a comeback.
    • How to Win Friends
      How to Win Friends
      Episode 24
      Joan overhears friends planning a testimonial luncheon in her honor, but mistakenly shows up at a meeting of the Loyal Order of Brotherly Broncos. Thinking she's been played as a fool, she enrolls in a popularity course. At the real banquet, she is so agreeable and pleasant, the other ladies think she's making fun of them.moreless
    • The Lady and the Prizefighter
      After losing a bet on a boxing match, Joan decides to stage a charity fight for her women's club. She pits her big-talking neighbor Wally against a professional boxer who Wally had accidentally knocked out. When the re-match is over, Joan is the only one left standing and she's crowned the winner.moreless
    • Ladies Prison
      Ladies Prison
      Episode 22
      Hoping to help her judge husband, Joan pretends to be a convict in a women's prison to observe conditions.
    • The Letter
      The Letter
      Episode 21
      When Joan mistakenly opens a letter sent to a neighbor, she can't simply admit the mistake. Instead, she hatches a plot to remail it.
    • Lieutenant General
      Lieutenant General
      Episode 20
      Not to be upstaged by her friend Helen, Joan brags about being married to an Army general.
    • The Allergy
      The Allergy
      Episode 19
      Brad's running for Superior Court and needs Joan with him to show how happily married they are. Unfortunately, she's allergic to something about him and can't stop sneezing when he's anywhere near. The two of them are forced together for a TV interview where his opponent points out how miserable Joan looks to be by his side.moreless
    • Eye Glasses
      Eye Glasses
      Episode 18
      During a visit to the eye doctor, Joan is given the incorrect eyedrops. This leads to some unusual stunts in her visit to a bowling alley.
    • Money in the Shotgun
      Without Brad's knowledge, Joan has sold a prized piece of his furniture for $600. She hides the cash in the barrel of his shotgun which he promptly carries off on a duck hunting trip. She tags along, trying desperately to get the money out of the gun before Brad either discovers it or blows it to bits.moreless
    • The Maid
      The Maid
      Episode 16
      On Brad's urging, Joan hires a maid. Unfortunately, for the two of them, she's a star-struck and cranky woman. To keep her entertained, Joan arranges for a movie actor to endlessly pursue her. Plus, Brad does his celebrity impressions.
    • The Wedding
      The Wedding
      Episode 15
      After reuniting a couple of friends following a seven year breakup, Joan volunteers the Stevens home for their wedding. When the judge accidentally marries the couple during the rehearsal, Joan and Brad are stuck with a huge wedding with the bride and groom are already on their honeymoon.
    • Joan Plays Cupid
      Joan Plays Cupid
      Episode 14
      Joan tries to help a couple of friends rekindle their long-dormant romance, but her meddling almost ruins their chances for good.
    • Crazy Toes Smith
      Crazy Toes Smith
      Episode 13
      Joan's high school alma mater is about to lose its star kicker because of his failing grades. With money riding on the big game, Joan she decides to tutor the athlete. She rewards him with rich pastries that fatten him up so much, he's kicked off the team for being overweight. The next stop for Joan and the kicker is the gym.moreless
    • Big Louie's Parole
      Big Louie's Parole
      Episode 12
      Joan is concerned about Brad's safety after a series of threatening phone calls. The judge has to decide about approving mobster Big Louie's parole, and his gang has made it clear he should.
    • Home Movies
      Home Movies
      Episode 11
      Arriving home from two weeks in Hawaii, Brad discovers a legal opinion Joan failed to mail. Claiming she deliberately "forgot" because she disagreed with his decision, he storms out. Learning he could be promoted to the Domestic Relations Court if he can show he's happily married, he and Joan put on a lovey-dovey act for Judge Palmer and the gal friends Joan's invites over to see their Hawaiian home movies.moreless
    • The Farm
      The Farm
      Episode 10
      Theres a dispute on how to spend their week in the country. Joan wants to lounge at the Fairchilds' estate while Brad wants to dirty his hands with farm work.
    • Manhole Cover
      Manhole Cover
      Episode 9
      Joan's complaints about a noisy manhole cover falls on deaf ears, so he takes the matter to the city government. Red tape and Joan do not mix well.
    • Two Saint Bernards
      Joan reserves a Chihuahua at the pet store, but Brad says no to a dog. She goes to cancel the order but instead is talked into buying a St. Bernard. Brad checks the pet store to see if she followed through and he walks out with a St. Bernard of his own.moreless
    • Dancing Lessons
      Dancing Lessons
      Episode 7
      Joan wants Bradley to take mambo lessons with her, but it's a fight to get him to the dance studio. He changes his tune once he meets the beautiful instructor, Carlotta.
    • Clothes Budget
      Clothes Budget
      Episode 6
      Joan claims she spends much less than the average American woman on her yearly wardrobe. Brad is sure she spends more, so he writes her a check for $600 and says that's all she gets for the whole year. Her whole budget is blown after one encounter with an intimidating saleswoman.moreless
    • Bombay Duck
      Bombay Duck
      Episode 5
      Brad asks Joan to prepare a fancy meal to impress Judge Cushing. Since she just entered secretarial school her time is limited so she takes a duck with her to school to do the prep work at her desk.
    • Alienation of Affections
      Joan is helping a stranger buy a gift for his wife when his jealous spouse storms into the store, accuses Joan of stealing her husband, and threatens to drag her into court. When the woman comes over, Joan hopes to convince her it was a misunderstanding by showing how much in love she and Brad are. But things get mixed up and Joan has three "husbands" and a guy in the closet when the wife shows up.moreless
    • Wall Safe
      Wall Safe
      Episode 3
      Joan is so so sure the wall safe she discovered in their living room is full of loot, she hires a safe-cracker to break into it. What she finds is an old map of their property with clues to a hidden treasure in their garden. Brad is entertained when Joan and Mabel go berserk digging up the back yard because he's the one who drew up the phony map. Joan gets the last laugh when she catches on to Brad's practical joke.moreless
    • Party Line
      Party Line
      Episode 2
      Joan and her neighbor, Mrs. Tobin, share a party line. The party's over quickly when the two stop sharing and start fighting over phone time.
    • New House
      New House
      Episode 1
      Brad and Joan put money down on the house of their dreams. The Tobins have done the same--with the same house. The two couples bicker over who actually owns the house until a creepy neighbor drops by and scares the Tobins out of the deal.
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