I Married Joan

NBC (ended 1955)


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  • This show has similarities to I Love Lucy, yes, but I think Joan is a character all her own and her husband played by Jim Backus was definitely different from Ricky.

    I just saw an episode of this show late last night on the PAX network and I instantly fell in love with it :) While yes I am one of the world\'s biggest I Love Lucy fans, I felt like Joan had her own unique take on her mishaps and was definitely different than Lucy. I mean this show did last for 3 seasons, if it were a Lucy carbon copy, it wouldn\'t have lasted a season. This was also the first time I had seen Jim Backus (a much younger version!) other than Gilligan\'s Island! I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys classic 50s sitcoms (I\'m 34 years old by the way but I LOVE them! :) ) I loved it :)