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I, Max

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Can one man really take on the world? Max Kellerman thinks he can, at least in the world of sports. Tune in as Max debates the days sports - and sometimes pop culture - topics with a bevy of guests.
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  • The worst sports show in the history of television.

    Max Kellerman was a terriable host on around the horn. He never really mediated the panelists, just giving an awful opinion on just about everything in the world of sports. Then the geniuses over at FSN, decided to give MK his own show. Max took fellow ATH panelist Mike Holly with him and the two could each get all the time they needed to ramble on. Only thing about that is when the show debuted, I read in sports Illustrated that it debuted with a 0.0 rating. That's pretty bad. The show isn't on any more and I haven't seen Max anywhere in sight so, this story has a happy ending.moreless
  • Max Kellerman was not afriad to express his favorite teams, or tell his sports opinion. Bill Wolf was the announcer that Max could've fired, if Max didn't recieve all the points. And Michael Holley, I couldn't stand his hair, so I never liked him.moreless

    Max with his smartmouth attitude is just how I'd debate. I loved the mail he recieved at the end, and how he'd respnd to people's sports opinions. I would type in goofy hate mail, hoping it would be featured on the show. But back when it was on, it was on the same time as Simpsons reruns, and if it were on now, it'd be up against Around the Horn, still.moreless
  • I liked it somewhat, but after they took off the topic count it got boring.

    I liked I,Max but when they took off the point total to declare Max or the world the winner thats where it went downhill. My favorite part was the love/hate mail that Max got at the end of each show. What doomed the show was when Max's brother passed away, he was gone so long the show struggled after that and never recovered.
  • Max Kellerman gets his can kicked off of ESPN and Around the Horn. So he started his own show so similar to Around the Horn. The show was actually interesting in the beginning with Max competing against Columnist Michael Holley about differing Sports Opinmoreless

    Max can't you think of an original idea? I hear what they say and I max say wrong, wrong, wrong. That was so irritating, I actually watched this show early on where Max and Michael actually debated and Wolff moderated the points. That was semi-interesting, I liked the viewer hate mail, and love mail, if Max won. However they kept changing their format which was so idiotic. The show became lame, and wasn't really that good. If you want to watch a good show watch ESPN's Around the Horn, that's more informative and those people actually know what they are talking about because they are Sports columnists. Max is just a guy who fits an Ego and i really got lame. Good riddens, Watch Around the Horn!moreless
  • All though this show was a copy off Around the Horn.........

    All though this show was a copy off Around the Horn it was interesting to watch, unfortunatly the show has been cancelled as Michael Holley stated on ATH, returning after 1.5 years. Max Kellerman had Love & Hate Mail, he took it in stride, I found that this show needed its own identity, it was to much like ATH but other than that it was ok, my rating 1 out 10 (1 being worst) I give it a 5.7.moreless