I Pity the Fool

TV LAND (ended 2006)


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  • Mr. T in this series plays the supernanny of the real world.

    The show from an overall point is pretty good, but the plot is unoriginal. He is basically copying off the attempt of the Supernanny when it comes trying to motivate others into doing something, however, his show is influntial. Also, I tink he would get more viewers if he was the view his show on either Comedy Central or Nick-at-Nite as opposed to TV Land. Although the overall plot of the show is unoriginal, it has Nr. T. written all over it in terms od the drill sargent style show. So so far so good Mr. T., but try to fine-tune the show so it doesn't resemmble Supernanny in any form, and stick to the title of pitying the fools, not nannying them.