I Scored a Goal in the FIFA World Cup Final - Season 1960



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  • Martin Peters - England, 1966
    In the 78th minute of the final, it looked as though Peters was set to play the hero for the Three Lions. A volley into West Germany's net put England up 2-1 with just 12 minutes left. But the Germans' converted free kick in the 90th minute forced the match into extra time. Though England won 4-2, it was teammate Geoff Hurst who stole the headlines the next morning. Peters later joked to Hurst, who was knighted shortly after, that if the match had ended in regular time, it would have been Peters who was made a "Sir."moreless
  • Wolfgang Weber - West Germany, 1966
    The 1966 final looked won with England up 2-1 in the dying seconds of the game. But a free kick conceded by defender Jack Charlton opened the door for West Germany, and Weber took advantage. Just 15 seconds from time, a close-range free kick found Weber inside the box, and he was able to poke the ball home, sending the finals to extra time. England went on to win 4-2. Weber scored only one other goal in his international career.moreless
  • Geoff Hurst - England, 1966
    Hurst earned not only the headlines but a knighthood for his undeniably impressive hat trick. After West Germany went up 12 minutes in, Hurst equalized on a header from a free kick near the box. Later, a last-gasp Germany goal meant extra time. There, Hurst became a World Cup legend. His goal 11 minutes into the first period is one of the most controversial moments in World Cup history. His volley hit the top of the crossbar and bounced down, but it was -- and remains -- unclear whether it landed on or just over the line. The linesman awarded the goal. His second came as Germany pushed forward. Hurst launched a vicious counterattack and scored his third, making him the only player in World Cup history to score a hat trick in the final.moreless
  • Amarildo - Brazil, 1962
    Heading into the 1962 tournament in Chile, Amarildo wasn't expected to make much of an impact. After all, he was second in line behind the world's greatest player, Pelé. But when Pelé suffered an injury in the group stage, Amarildo was called upon. He tallied twice against Spain in the group stage, and in the final, just two minutes after the Czechs scored the first goal, Amarildo beat Czechoslovakia's keeper at the post. He followed up the goal with an assist that helped put Brazil ahead, and the Selecao won 3-1.moreless
  • Zito - Brazil, 1962
    Zito - Brazil, 1962
    Episode 1962
    Brazil and Czechoslovakia remained deadlocked at 1-1 for almost an hour in the 1962 final, the Czechs clamping down on the draw after Brazil's first goal in the 17th minute. But in the 68th minute, Zito and his teammates intercepted a Czechoslovakia pass, and Zito set up a counterattack at a blistering place. Streaming the ball out wide to Amarildo, Zito maneuvered himself into the box and, as his teammate lobbed it inside, was able to head goalward. With 20 minutes remaining, Brazil had taken its first lead, and would win 3-1.moreless
  • Josef Masopust - Czechoslovakia, 1962
    The Czechoslovakia squad had made its way to the final on the strength of goalkeeper Vilem Schroif, but it entered the match against reigning champion Brazil as a huge underdog. So few could believe it when the Czechs went on top first, thanks to Masopust's goal in the 15th minute. The Czech striker went on a thundering run through the Brazilian defense and latched onto a perfect through ball, fooling the keeper and easily hitting the back of the net. The lead wouldn't last long, though, and Brazil won 3-1.moreless