I Shouldn't Be Alive

Friday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 28, 2005 In Season


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  • Great show, but...

    Really great show and Im hooked on it, but it really be great if you guys could get a survivor expert who can comment on the show and give survival tips in case you find yourself in the same situation as one of the survivors on the show.
  • "Reallyalmostdiddie"

    It is great that someone in TV land decided to show the graces and mercies bestowed upon us humans by the ALMIGHTY! I am one still here to testify that it is a BLESSING to still be alive!..............
  • A clever title goes here!

    I start my day with this show. LOVE IT, makes appreciate that I am alive
  • I Shouldn't Be Alive - Best Show ever!

    This is one of the best Documentary series ever! If you want thriller, this is the show for you. In every seconds, I'm like so exited to know what's gonna happen next! Will they survive or not?

    What would I do if I have to face a situation like this? - I've always thought of it. It's not just a show. It's something more than that. You can learn the survival skills. Plus, you get to experience different survival stories through your ears and eyes.

    All in all, this is a great show. The acting is believable and natural. I don't know how they find the actors. But the are the real people who made this show a Hit! "All the good things come to an end"
    I can't believe this show is canceled. I think every great show gets canceled every time. This is a fact. But, I really don't want it to end like this. Please, bring it back --- Discovery!! I'm urging you!
  • Real-life survivors talk about their most horrible and atrocious experiences that they ever had in graphic detail.

    Real-life survivors talk about their most horrible and atrocious experiences that they ever had in graphic detail.
    Listing to these experiences and what these people went through to stay alive make you feel better and lucky that you are at home watching them retell their stories with horrific detail. So much detail that I even amazed that these people can even retail what had happen to them in these experiences.
    Now, I only saw one episode and it did get my attention, but the down side to the story was it was one that I heard all ready before, so I knew what was going to happen to the people. That brings up another point that I don’t like about this series, is the fact that the survivors themselves are retelling the story via their own words. While this might be interesting to some people, but I don’t like it because you already know that this person is already survived this experience, so the mystery of if this person survived or not is solved. Because if they didn’t survived the experience then they won’t be around talking about what had happen to them.
    Now, what would be a good idea for this series is to have a third person do the narration and at the end of the story tell who survived the ordeal and who didn’t. A mystery that will leave hook until the end of the episode.
  • Its very informational. Good to watch.

    This show goes along the lives of people who were in climates/places where they could've died, yet they survived! In every episode the victim tries to look for civilization again and tries to stay alive! I admit the show scares me at times. It has those lil scary moments...Yet its very informational. There are little scientific parts where they talk about your body and food or whatever. Things that would help you to stay alive if you got lost. The show does make me doubt going on planes and vacation trips a lot, but I got to take a risk right? I just hope that I won't get lost or whatever. ;-;

    Overall, this show is really worth watching! :D
  • I Shouldn't Be Alive is quite a good show that is definately woth watching.

    I recommend watching this show. The stories of survival on this program are just unreal. Though things obviously, don't always go smoothly, this show will usually keep you guessing on how the people are acted. The reinactments are really realistic and while some may think the acting is a little too dramatic, I thought it was acted out fairly well. The episodes obviously loose some excitment once you know how the rescue occurs, but they are still re-watchable if you watch them every once in a while, especially since some of the strories are just so unbelievable, even though they are true, and will leave you amazed.
  • Hard-core!!! I can't believe all of these stories are true but they are!!

    Shouldn’t Be Alive is a series that documents incredible stories of human survival through accurate re-enactments of the scenarios that took place. Each episode takes the viewers into another nightmarish scenario with the commentary of individuals who have survived through the ordeal. The series cover events such as being lost at sea in shark infested waters, or even being kidnapped by rebels in the Cambodian countryside. The will to survive is instinctive, though the choices aren’t; tune into I Shouldn’t Be Alive and see if you would have done the same thing that these people have done in order to stay alive. It was amazing how you feel for them to be stranded where ever they are!!
  • A show with untapped potential. The premise is good; 'real' people trapped in real disastrous situations, and their story of their survival. However, over dramatization overshadows actual content.

    When I first saw the initial promotions for this show on the Discovery Channel, I was excited. The story seemed interesting and the life and death situation the people found themselves in were told in tantalizing clips from the promos.

    I enjoyed the first episode, but there were scenes that had me grimacing; not because of the pain and suffering portrayed by the actors, but the overly dramatized reactions displayed.. almost continuously. I didn't think much of it then, as at the time I thought it was limited to the people in this particular story.

    Then episode after episode, the same things happened: actors screaming, flashback clips showing the screaming, the interviews gave us nothing informative other than their feelings at the time. I found the narrator's account better at explaining the scenario and definitely a lot more bearable.

    I understand that people in agonizing pain tends to express themselves in incoherent screaming and yelling, but with the way the show is cut, they seem more interested in capitalizing on the drama than telling the actual story. With the inevitable eventual breakdowns of the interviewees, this show is practically a Soap Opera.

    There were, however, genuine gems within the show. The situations shown were definitely deadly, and the courage of the people (if the show runners didn't dramatize that, too) were heartening to see. The viewer would definitely wonder how they could possibly get out of this one (often through rescues).

    And then there were the science content, which made this show worth watching. Sadly, they were scarce and far inbetween, and often did not go far enough in explaining what was going on in the body. Mostly they only touch on what the injury was and explained how it happened, then that would be the last of it.

    Overall, the show is about survival and the drama of the situation, and contains little else. If that is your cup of tea, then you'll love it. If, like me, you find over dramatization distasteful, you'll approach this show with caution.
  • A great show that doesnt get the credit it deserves

    The show 'I shouldn't be alive' features true stories of people which some truely amazing stories.

    There are stories from a plane crash in the middle of a desert in Africa, to a man having his leg crushed by a boulder and the other person having to go down a hill which was a several day climb to help rescue the man.

    The show describes in full deatil the injuries a certain person may have and tell you what is happening inside this persons body to make them feel the way they do. It even zooms into the persons body to show an organ, or the bloodstream to show you what is actually happening.

    This show is truely worth your time
  • Never a show i loved more!

    I Shouldn't Be Alive... one of the greatest show's to come across m eyes. Never a show suck me in because the detailed explaing, the events that took place, and because it's based on a true story. The fact of someone or some people putting themselves through the elemnts that they had go through in order to live is just plain amazing. Just knowing that the human body can withstand such agony and intensifying temperatures. Well this show may not be for everybody but give it a chance and watch it. It will blow your mind and somewhat send goosebumps down your spine. Erie survival stories are absolutly the best.
  • Thay should not be Alive!

    It is a cool show. Kind of gross when thay are all boldey. But yah. On The old show of it. Not ex. This one so ex. The newest one. Like oh my god. A plane crash. Not water for 6 days. Thay had to drik thar own pee to live. Didn't work. Yah but you should see your missing. It whould be funny if thay made "I should be alive". When thay have dump evets that whould be hard to kill you. But r.i.p.. Ha, ha. Yah so....but this is beter. Crazy, wried. This show rocks. I going to by the dvd.
  • doing the possible and impossible to survive

    I\'m not a big fan of the discovery channel, however, this show is one of the best shows I\'ve EVER seen. You can\'t stop watching. Highly recommended.

    This show is better than surviver, because it is real. Some people die while trying to survive. This show is very raw and moving. You can\'t help but get so involved with this show. I literally don\'t move the whole time the show is on.

    I hate to be so repeatative, but this show is really great. It will quickly become your favorite show, especially if you like real life people doing everything possible and impossible to survive
  • The show is a great idea in concept. It's kind of like survivor,... but it's real. The stories are usually very interesting. Once you start watching it you cant stop.

    While you're watching the show you're thinking "hmmm how come that guy isn't doing any interviews? Oh well I guess that means he's gonna die. Then of course you want to see how. How are the other people going to survive? What will happen to the survivors? Do they get back on their own or are they rescued?
    It's very exciting and keeps you on the edge. Whether the episode is good or bad is usually determined by the location that they're in trouble.
    I watch this show every time it's on. I usually have to watch the encore as it is one friday nights and I have things to do on fridays.
    I give the show such a high score because it is entertaining to watch everytime for me.

    I think the show will be on a while because there are plenty of near death adventure stories out there.

  • It a show about real people in real situations that you would never think could happen. The actual people involved, narate the story as it is reinacted before your very eyes.

    I have seen Three episodes and i was hooked. I couldnt even imagine being in any one of the situations and surviving. I thank God i have never been tested in such a manner as some of the people depicted on the show. Some of the people didnt survive the ordeal, getting eaten by sharks a others lost in the amazon but at some point all the people thought they were going to die, and meny were ready to give up the struggle to survive. But threw the grace of God they survived to tell the tale. I say watch this show, it will give you a real apresheation for life.
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