I Shouldn't Be Alive - Season 1

Friday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 28, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Lost in the African Bush
    A plane ride turns bad when it crashes in the Kalahari Desert and leaves the survivors without food or water, two of the passengers is left with the choice to go look for help while leaving the injured behind.
  • Crash in a Volcano
    Crash in a Volcano
    Episode 12
    When a Hollywood camera crew set out to film an active volcano they end up in a helicopter crash into the active volcano. All rescue attempts are delayed by lava, toxic gases and bad weather, and each man of the crew thinks the others are dead.
  • Lost at Sea
    Lost at Sea
    Episode 11
    Two fathers and there sons fishing trip in Mexico turns bad when they find them self forced to ditch their plane in the sea during a storm.
  • Alaskan Avalanche
    Alaskan Avalanche
    Episode 10
    Two climbers and close friends, Jim Sweeney and Dave Nyman, are scaling an ice-wall near Alaska’s Mount Johnson when Jim falls down and suffers some major injuries. Dave attempted to create a makeshift SOS signal, though when a passing light aircraft attempts to land to rescue the injured man, the landing gear on the plane breaks and the pilot and his pregnant wife become stranded in the icy wasteland as well.moreless
  • Shipwrecked
    Episode 9
    Cousins Mark and Rob decided to go on a fishing trip on the Sea of Cortez, though when they find themselves shipwrecked on a small island with no food or water, they must do whatever they can to survive on the island until they can find a way to be rescued. The two men must put their friendship to the test as they share the island’s limited resources, though with temperatures rising, the two start to experience delusions and delirium.moreless
  • Ice Cave Survivor
    Ice Cave Survivor
    Episode 8
    Michael Couillard, an experienced American Air Force officer, decided to take his ten year old son Matthew on a skiing trip in Turkey, where he is stationed. While the two initially enjoy their experiences and their chance to spend some long awaited time with one another, a sudden snowstorm wrecks havoc and they are forced to spend a night in a cave without any supplies or food. However, time begins to pass and after a week inside of the cave, Michael is faced with the difficult decision of staying with his son whom is suffering from frostbite, or to leave in hopes of finding help, though he decides to head out into the wilderness in hopes of finding a way to save himself and his son.moreless
  • Trapped Under a Boulder
    When Warren MacDonald decided to go hiking on the remote Hinchinbrook Island, off the coast of the Queensland coast of Australia, he had only hoped to find some peace as he explored the many trails on the island. However, when he comes across Geert Van Keulen on a deserted beach, he decides to take up his offer on an attempt to hike up one of the tallest mountains on the island. However, when a rockslide pins Warren and prevents him from moving, he must hold out in hopes that Geert will climb down the mountain and return with help, though the rain and rising water level create many more challenges for Warren to overcome.moreless
  • Jaws of Death
    Jaws of Death
    Episode 6
    When an animal conservationist crashes his plane while trying to track down some poachers, he finds himself crippled in the middle of the blistering heat of the African wilderness. To make matters worse, he finds himself surrounded by hungry predators that could easily kill him because he’s in no position to get away from them; will he be able to use his knowledge about Animals and the environment to be able to escape from death’s grasp?moreless
  • Kidnap In the Killing Fields
    When a United Nations worker gets kidnapped while clearing landmines in the Cambodian countryside, he finds himself held by the Khmer Rouge, a group of guerrillas that were well known for their brutality for their hostages. Will Chris Moon be able to keep the odds in his favor to encourage his captors to keep him alive, though more importantly, can he encourage them to let him and his colleagues go?moreless
  • Swept Away
    Swept Away
    Episode 4
    When two best friends decide to go kayaking in order to tour Washington State’s San Juan Islands, one of the friends is only a novice at the sport while the other is quite skilled. However, when they become victim to stormy conditions, the novice kayaker is forced into the Pacific Ocean while his friend manages to fight against the storm and he heads back towards land, though will he really leave his friend behind?moreless
  • Escape From the Amazon
    When three friends decide to head to the Amazon looking to find some adventure and to get away from their problems, they come across a local guide who holds a map to find some forgotten native villages. The four head out into the Amazon though they soon discover that the guide behaved in an unorthodox fashion and that he doesn’t know the jungle as well as he thought, as they couldn’t find the villages in question. However, when two of the friends decide to go rafting on one of the Amazon’s rivers by themselves, the unexpected occurs.moreless
  • Lost in the Snow
    Lost in the Snow
    Episode 2
    While on their way to a family funeral, a U.S. Army private, his wife and their four month old son get caught in a raging blizzard. However, when they head out in the wrong direction, they soon find themselves in the middle of nowhere and their car gets stuck in a snowdrift. While they stay in the car for a few days in hopes of being rescued, they must soon decide if they should risk heading out into the wilderness on foot in hopes of finding help.moreless
  • Shark Survivor
    Shark Survivor
    Episode 1
    When sailing from Maine to Florida, a luxury yacht with five crew members sinks in the middle of a storm. While all five of the individuals manage to get onto the dinghy, they find themselves in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean without food, water or even an idea of where exactly they are; though matters turn worse when a group of sharks start to follow them and their conditions deteriorate with time.moreless
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