I Spy

Season 1 Episode 7

Danny Was a Million Laughs

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 1965 on NBC



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    • Helen: This young man, I take it, is Scott Alexander.
      Scott: Alexander Scott.
      Helen: Never correct me! (to Kelly) Apparently just as irresponsible as you are.
      Scott: I know my own name.

    • Helen: Incidentally, Washington goes to some pains to establish cover for her agents. Yours as an itinerant tennis player and yours as his trainer may not be perfect, but I doubt if your superiors would consider your present roles as jailbirds and restaurant brawlers an improvement.
      Kelly: Well, they started it.

    • Helen: Did you get the report from the laboratory?
      Dr. Moran: Penicillin--50% enough material, Ariomyacin--60% cut. I might well have treated them with talcum powder!

    • Scott: I wrote my mother a letter. She sent me a letter saying she was lonely and she wanted to know when I was coming home.
      Kelly: Send her a wire, tell her you'll be home for Sunday breakfast. And tell her you'll be bringing a guest. You might also tell her I like my bacon crisp. While you're at it, you might tell her that I have had it with the whole Nathan Hale bit!

    • Danny: Here you are, boy. (he tosses a coin to Scott) I'll leave my shoes out for ya tonight. (leaves)
      Kelly: Well, we could disconnect every bone in his body.
      Scott: Nope, work before pleasure.

    • Sam: I think it would be a good idea...
      Danny: Oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. Don't you dare.
      Sam: What?
      Danny: Think. Don't you dare think. Your poor little brain wasn't designed for that sort of thing. All you have to do is make sure your cravat is tied properly at all times. And anticipate my every wish. And leave the thinking to me.

    • Danny: I was never said I was infallible. Hey, Sam, you ever heard me say I was infallible?
      Sam: Never, Mr. Preston.
      Danny: You know what "infallible" means, Sam?
      Sam: No. But I never heard you use it.

    • Danny: Now what's to prevent me from walking out that door, huh?
      Kelly: Oh, I would do that. I'd fire a warning shot over your head. But you got me so nervous now that I would probably miss and hit you in the kneecap. You try to crawl out, I would fire another warning shot and miss again.
      Scott: One time Kelly took a shot at the helicopter. Shot a snake right in the nose.

    • Helen: And the Robinsons keep their names out of newspapers and their persons out of prison.
      Scott: Well so does my family. We try to keep our names out of papers and prisons.
      Helen: Apparently, you're not very good at it. Get yourselves together and come on
      Kelly: That's my Aunt Helen.
      Scott: She from the objectionable side of your family?

  • Notes

    • After the filming of this episode Robert Culp approached Sheldon Leonard and asked him to never allow an offensive racial remark again and for the entire run of the series no other negative racial inferences were made about Cosby as Alexander Scott or any other black guest. The dialog that prompted this is delivered by guest Martin Landau to Bill Cosby.

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