I Spy

Season 1 Episode 25

My Mother the Spy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 1966 on NBC

Episode Recap

In Stockholm, agency spy Angela March is posing as a folksinger on tour. When she returns to her dressing room, a young man, Ferenc Stavros, comes to see her. They kiss but then Ferenc associate, Sven Kalmar, comes in. Kalmar explains that he's heading back to Washington to report to the agency and wants the names of Angela's contact and his alternate. Angela insists that he provide her with the matching half of a medallion that she holds. Ferenc dismisses her concerns and Kalmar reluctantly hands it over. The two halves don't match and Kalmar, realizing he's been found out, draws a gun on Angela. He admits that he works for Tiba, a bald spy master, and orders her to give him the names. Angela shoots Kalmar with a hidden gun and then orders Ferenc out, realizing that he betrayed her.

In Mexico, Kelly and Scott are watching a flamenco performance. Angela is among the extras, wearing a black wig, but they recognize her and figure that their hunt for her is finally over. They follow her to her dressing room, disarm her, and show them their matching medallion half. The agents explain that they've been trying to find her for three weeks and ask why she fled Stockholm. Angela admits that she had to kill a man and she still hasn't come to terms with the shock and grief. Kelly tells her that she has to come back to the States for debriefing and to make sure that Tiba doesn't capture her. Angela says that she doesn't know him except from what Kalmar said and insists that she's staying. When the agents refuse to leave her alone, Angela calls in some flamenco dancers who rough up the agents and toss them out in the alley. They wait and follow her to apartment and break in. Angela is on the bed, crying, and she tells them that she's going into labor.

The agents take Angela to the hospital and sit in the waiting room with an expectant father, Senor Ortiz. Scott finally starts pacing on behalf of the baby since the father isn't there and chats with Ortiz. Ortiz finally receives word that he had twin boys, while Dr. Jalis comes out and tells the agents that Angela has had a healthy baby girl. The agents go to see her with flower and Angela admits that she can't go back to the States because the fact her daughter doesn't have a father will make them both pariahs. Kelly warns her that Tiba will still try to capture her and use the baby for leverage, but Angela tells them both to get out and the nurse tells them that visiting hours are over.

Kelly and Scott come back the next day and while they wait, they both admit that they're unhappy that they're under orders to take away a mother and child. Ferenc catches up to them, holds them at gunpoint, and takes them to a nearby café. A thug throws beer on them and Ferenc explains that he's going to set it up to look like a drunken brawl that ended in gunshots and two dead agents. Scott warns him that the Mexican authorities will investigate but Ferenc isn't terribly impressed. When Kelly runs out of things to say, he tells Scott to attack and the two men fight it out with their captors. They knock out Ferenc and grab his passport. Once they're outside, they confirm that Ferenc is a Hungarian national and figure that he works for Tiba.

Figuring that Tiba is on their trail, the agents head back to the hospital and discover that Angela and her child have already checked out. When they confirm the hospital staff knows nothing about Angela's whereabouts, the agents go back to the café. Two of the men who attacked them earlier are still there. They ask for the passport and Kelly knocks out one man and Scott applies pressure on the other, who tells them that they can find Ferenc in a gift shop in Tosca.

At the gift shop, Ferenc is doting on his daughter while the elderly owner tends to his wares. Angela is working there as a clerk and Ferenc begs her to take him back, but she refuses. Ferenc thanks the owner for taking in his daughter and the owner thanks him for the privilege. However, he warns Ferenc that Angela may not take him back. When a disappointed Ferenc goes outside, Kelly and Scott drag him into an alleyway. They demand to know where Tiba is but Ferenc insists that he doesn't know the man.

Kelly spots a bald man going into the shop and enters behind him. The man is hitting on Angela and Kelly asks him to stop, and punches the man in the stomach when he persists. The agent drags the man into the alley and they check his passport, confirming that he's actually a businessman from Peoria in town with his wife. When Kelly threatens to tell his wife that he was hitting on Angela, the man quickly runs off rather than call the American embassy.

In the gift shop, the owner is holding Angela's baby and asks who forced the customer out. The baby tugs on the owner's wig and pulls it off, revealing that he's bald. Angela realizes that he's Tiba and he suggests that she voluntarily give up the information in her head. She refuses and points out that she could lie to him if he forces her and it would take him months to verify her information. Tiba concedes the point and suggests that she give him the information in return for a life of luxury and comfort for her child. Angela still refuses and warns that she'll kill him if he harms her child. Tiba stops trying and admits that he should kill her since she's no longer of value to him. However, he admits that he's getting old and is retiring soon, and tells Angela that she's free. Tiba offers her the use of his car and she accepts. However, once he has the chance, Tiba goes outside and sabotages the brakes.

Outside in the alleyway, Ferenc tells Scott and Kelly that he's the baby's father and offers to roll over on his own people if they let him leave with his daughter. Before they can respond, Angela drives by in Tiba's car. Ferenc and the agents go inside and subdue Tiba after a brief struggle once they realize who he is. Tiba claims that he let Angela go and doesn't know where she is heading, but Ferenc tells his newfound friends that the spy master would never let Angela go. The agents pay a taxi driver for the use of his cab and Ferenc insists on going with them to rescue his beloved.

Angela is driving up into the mountains when the agents catch up to her. They spot the leaking brake fluid and realize that they have to stop her. When she sees that Ferenc is in the cab, Angela speeds up to get away and approaches a dangerous curve. Kelly manages to pull ahead of her and uses the cab as a giant brake to slow her down when her own brakes finally give out. Once both cars have stopped safely, Ferenc runs to the car and Angela hesitantly asks him to get their daughter out. He does so and the couple take each other's hands.

Later, Kelly and Scott take the couple to the American embassy so that a justice of the peace can marry them. Angela is still hesitant to marry Ferenc despite his promising to go back to her with the states. When Angela starts to walk out, Kelly stops her and points out that that they've gone to great trouble and expense to find her the husband she said she needed so that she and her daughter could have a life in the U.S. Angela immediately agrees and leaves the baby with Scott and Kelly while she goes to marry Ferenc.