I Spy

Season 1 Episode 25

My Mother the Spy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 1966 on NBC



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    • Scott: Ole!
      Kelly: Ole.
      Scott: What?
      Kelly: I say Ole. When I say Ole, I mean Ole.
      Scott: Listen, you can't just say Ole any old time. There are times when the Mexican etiquette says that you have to keep your big mouth shut. Now you don't say Ole when your sweetheart is about to be riddled by bullets from the gangster.

    • Angela: I'm going to have a baby.
      Kelly: I beg your pardon?
      Angela: A baby.
      Kelly: When?
      Angela: Now. Right now.
      Scott: Oh, you can't have a baby, you're a spy.

    • Scott: You all right?
      Kelly: Say what?
      Scott: I said, are you all right?
      Kelly: No.
      Scott: What's your problem?
      Kelly: Well, see, a man was dancing on my head.
      Scott: Well, I tell you, that's the way those Mexican flamenco dancers are, man. They got a lot of rhythm and anything that arouses them, what they do is they just start dancing on anything close by. Heads, faces...
      Kelly: Wait a minute. Whoa. Did somebody hit you with a long looping right?
      Scott: Why, what's the matter?
      Kelly: Well, you look shorter, man.
      Scott: Well, you're on a box.

    • Scott: And besides, you don't even know anything about mothers. You've been acting so... just, bad man. Go up there, pick the baby up. A little kid, oh, my, don't' you look heftier and everything, little bald-headed baby. Kiss it.
      Kelly: I'll do anything if you just stop talking.

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