I Spy

Season 3 Episode 26


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 1968 on NBC



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    • Kelly: Are you all right?
      Melanie: Oh, sure...I'm just a little bit dizzy.(passes out)
      Scotty: Is she okay?
      Kelly: Yeah, she's back to normal...she's a little bit dizzy!

    • Kelly: (outside of the house while Melanie is seducing Wellington) If she was a lady, she'd be screaming...what's she doing up there, anyway?

    • Melanie: (proposing a new plan to find Wellington's safe) I'm getting back into that house.
      Kelly: Yes, well, how do you expect to manage that little part of the plan?
      Melanie: By letting Andy make love to me!

    • Melanie: (about Kelly) Do you ever think he really will get married, Scotty?
      Scotty: Well, he talks about his son being the first man on Mars, so...I guess he'll get married, because, if it's for no other reason but the space space program
      Melanie: Does he ever say anything nice about me?
      Scotty: Well, he talks an awful lot about the space program, mostly.

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