I Spy - Season 1

NBC (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • One Thousand Fine
    Episode 28

    Scotty and Kelly are sent into the jungles to recover a lost airplane with a shipment of gold bars. The only survivor is sent to accompany them and find any familiar landmarks. However, things become tense when Kelly discovers the survivor is his old high school friend Jack Gannon... and he's engaged to Kelly's sweetheart.

  • 4/13/66

    Robinson is brainwashed to kill Scott, whose orders are to kill Robinson.

  • 4/6/66

    The agents are assigned to protect the impetuous teenage daughter of a Presidential adviser vacationing in Mexico. Their orders are to keep her out of trouble, but she soon stumbles into a drug smuggling operation.

  • My Mother the Spy
    Episode 25

    Agency spy Angela Marsh disappears without warning, and Kelly and Scott are sent to bring her in. They track her down in Mexico but discover a complication: Angela is going into labor and the child's father is an enemy agent.

  • Crusade to Limbo
    Episode 24

    Scott and Robinson must infiltrate a revolutionary group of American celebrities who plan to invade Mexico's neighbor and draw attention to their cause.

  • 3/9/66

    Quetzalcoatl has appeared in the Mexican jungle, or is it an AWOL fighter pilot pursued by his old comrades?

  • 3/2/66

    An ambassador in Mexico asks Kelly and Scott to abduct an American undersecretary to convince her minders that her security is inadequate. All they have to do is convince the woman, Maude, to go with them. Once they get through the security...

  • Return to Glory
    Episode 21

    An exiled South American general has plans, and Kelly and Scott have to determine if he has any chance of success. However, the general's wife and assistant prove curiously reluctant to arrange a meeting.

  • Bet Me a Dollar
    Episode 20

    In Mexico, Kelly bets Scott a dollar that he can can evade his partner for a week. However, once Kelly disappears, Scott learns that his partner has been contaminated with anthrax and only has 24 hours to live.

  • Turkish Delight
    Episode 19

    Who is kidnapping the great agronomists in Mexico City? Scott has to find out when he goes undercover as an agronomist himself... and promptly get skidnapped.

  • Court of the Lion
    Episode 18

    A Zulu crime lord, Cetshyayo, steals isotopes and industrial diamonds and uses a Japanese fishing village to hide them until his Chinese buyer arrives. Scott and Kelly learn of the operation when they find a villager dying of radiation poison but are soon captured.

  • Always Say Goodbye
    Episode 17

    Foreign agents in Tokyo attempt to derail a conference and plunge the U.S. into economic chaos by getting photos of the lead American diplomat, a notorious womanizer, in a compromising position.

  • The Barter
    Episode 16

    The agents head to Tokyo to rescue a Russian defector with the help of an American businessman. However, the Russians respond by abducting the businessman's daughter and Kelly and Scott have to find a way to break the middleman that is engineering the exchange.

  • The Tiger
    Episode 15

    Kelly penetrates deep into the Vietnamese jungle in order to extract a philanthropic doctor and guerrilla fighter who's being lured out of hiding by the kidnapping of his daughter--Kelly's old love and an agent in her own right.

  • 12/29/65

    Kelly and Scotty investigate the mystery of how an entire train was made to disappear in a small Chinese province. Especially when said train had very little of value on it and the only clues lead to a pretty American schoolteacher, a young boy's fondness for train bells and cowboys, an entire village's silence, and a most unwitting assassin.

  • Tigers of Heaven
    Episode 13

    In Japan, a group of young thugs seek a return to the ways of the samurai and assassinate anyone who stands in their way... and Kelly and Scotty have to find the group's leader and dispose of him.

  • 12/8/65

    A fence, Sorge, holds Scott hostage to force Kelly to cough up $50,000 for a stolen microfilm... and gives the agent three hours on a Sunday night to produce the funds.

  • Weight of the World
    Episode 11

    The Chinese government send a biologist to a Japanese seminar on obesity to test a strain of bubonic plague. Scott and Kelly must get a sample without the Chinese finding out and changing the virus, and are hampered by an enthusiastic young agent and an American civilian they recruit to help them.

  • Tatia
    Episode 10

    Three agents sent through to Tokyo on their way to Saigon have disappeared, and Scott learns that the common connection between them is that Kelly's new girlfriend, photographer Tatia Loring, took shots of all three. Kelly, however, doesn't want to believe it's possible.

  • 11/10/65

    The Chinese want to exchange an American pilot, an old friend of Kelly's, for a double-agent. But when the double-agent escapes, Kelly and Scotty take to the streets of Hong Kong to track the agent down before time runs out.

  • 11/3/65

    An agent is killed and Scott and Kelly look for the blueprints that he was carrying for a remote-missile guidance system.

  • 10/27/65

    Scott and Kelly are ordered to protect a mob informant, Danny Preston, who can bust up a black market drug ring. However, Danny can't shut up, doesn't want to testify, and figures he doesn't need protection.

  • The Loser
    Episode 6

    After the agents steal a load of heroin from smugglers, the crooks take Scotty hostage and offer him in exchange for their stolen goods. Scott's only hope of escape is a strung-out American nightclub singer who will do anything for a fix.

  • Dragon's Teeth
    Episode 5

    When an arms dealer dies in front of them, Kelly and Scotty must investigate a mysterious criminal organization that sends three warnings to those who cross them.

  • Chrysanthemum
    Episode 4

    A French spy hampers the search for missing files.

  • 9/29/65

    A smuggler in Hong Kong offers the U.S. government $1 million in back taxes so he can get a visa to his homeland. Kelly and Scott are assigned to pick up the payment, only to discover that the smuggler's three sons-in-law will stop at nothing to get it.

  • A Cup of Kindness
    Episode 2

    Kelly's agency instructor Russ Conway shows up in Hong Kong to touch base with his student and deliver a coded message. The message orders Kelly and Scott to kill Russ and Kelly has a hard choice to make.

  • 9/15/65

    Robinson and Scott are sent to recover an American defector in Hong Kong who may or may not be disenchanted with his lot.

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