I Spy

Season 1 Episode 1

So Long Patrick Henry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 1965 on NBC

Episode Recap

Robinson and Scott watch film of U.S. Olympic star Elroy Browne. A year earlier, Browne announced he was defecting to China. The agency believes Browne is unhappy with his new life in China and wants Robinson and Scott to meet with him and persuade Browne to return home. Scott is reluctant; he tried to convince Browne not to defect in the first place, where Browne gave him the condescending nickname of "Patrick Henry." Browne is going to be in Hong Kong for an announcement of an Afro-Asian Olympics, so Robinson and Scott plan to meet with him.

With the aid of a spy-crazy bellboy Scott has paid (and who drives Kelly crazy), the agents learn that Browne and his entourage have arrived at the hotel. They meet Browne, who remembers Scott, along with his fiancee, African Princess Amara and Mr. Tsung, his Chinese handler. It is clear the Chinese are keeping Browne on a tight leash. That night, Amara and Browne slip away from their handlers and invite Kelly and Scotty for a night on the town.

During dinner, Browne reveals he is unhappy in China, but he says China offered him more money than any U.S. sports team. He doesn't agree with the politics, but he went for the best offer. The Chinese agents track them down and take Browne and Amara back to the hotel. Kelly and Scotty hail a cab, but the driver turns out to be a gunman. They kill him only to be chased by three more agents.

A long chase ensues, over rooftops and down back alleys before Kelly and Scotty get the drop on their pursuers. Back at the hotel, Browne has been drugged. Tsung tells him that Amara is being flown back to China and that Tsung will deliver a speech on Browne's behalf endorsing the Afro-Asian games. The games will be China's way of becoming firmly entrenched in Africa.

Kelly and Scotty break in and find Browne. Kelly goes off to the airport to save Amara, while Scotty gives Browne a painkiller/stimulant combo to get him on his feet. Browne, a changed man, staggers into the press conference and denounces Tsung and the Afro-Asian games while Scott provides translation because the interpreter works for Tsung.. At the airport, Kelly fights off henchmen before crashing a truck into the Chinese plane to keep it from taking off.

With Browne an American again, Scotty, Kelly and their bellboy ally Mickey decide to celebrate - with a matinee of the latest James Bond movie... much to Kelly's chagrin.

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