I Spy

Season 1 Episode 1

So Long Patrick Henry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 1965 on NBC

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  • Culp writes a script that is a little light on action but it's a great Cold War caper.

    "I Spy" premiered on TV with "So Long Patrick Henry," a relatively action-free but smart story about loyalty and freedom and with a look at front-line Cold War soldiers who were more 9-5 than 007.

    Want proof that "I Spy" wasn't your typical cloak-and-dagger series? Kelly and Scotty are on what is essentially a PR mission: trying to persuade a high profile defector to return to the States. Granted, they get the chance for some shooting and derring-do, but the mission boils down to a conversation. From the start, Culp and Cosby have the chemistry that helped to define the series. You never doubt that these guys are friends who have worked together for years and would die for the other. Robert Culp wrote this episode and did a fantastic job. Rather than turn the script into a star turn for Kelly Robinson, Culp gives a lot of meaty material to Cosby and writes some terrific guest spots for Ivan Dixon and Cicely Tyson. Not that Culp is left out in the cold - he gets a bevy of quips and a karate fight at the climax.