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Season 3 Episode 2

The Beautiful Children

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 1967 on NBC
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The Beautiful Children
While in Casablanca, Alexander and Kelly learn of a criminal military group that kidnaps children from Greece and smuggles them to Bulgaria. Scott and Robinson must make their way to the border without blowing their cover and bring back their fellow agent to find out who is behind the kidnapping in order to put a stop to it.moreless

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      • Kelly: This is a lot of fun, riding donkeys. Did you ever do that before?
        Scotty: Yeah.
        Kelly: Oh yeah, where?
        Scotty: Disneyland.
        Kelly: Oh! How do you do it?
        Scotty: Well, you just give the guy a ticket, and he just takes you right up!

      • Scotty: (after the Wechsters talk loudly in a crowded bar about Kelly being a spy) You and your Wechsters!
        Kelly: They used to be nice people...then they got married!

      • Scotty: (after Kelly guzzles his Morocco Mule drink) I can't stand the stuff, myself...not a user.
        Kelly: Oh? How come?
        Scotty: My Uncle Herman, he was a mailman.
        Kelly: Yeah...all right, continue.
        Scotty: Well, uh...government employees, like mailmen, have special excursions. My Uncle Herman went to Atlantic City...figure out the rest yourself.
        Kelly: (clears throat) Yeah...
        Scotty: Well, he sent home a five-pound box of candy...rum-caramel candy...I was the only one home to receive the package. And, uh, I opened it up and started to eat.
        Kelly: You got, uh, turned on by, uh...by cara...caramel...candies flavored with rum?
        Scotty: In an hour, I was hooked! I knew my mom was going to be coming home, so I took the rum-flavored caramel and started hiding them around, in my socks and my shoes...behind the radio...places like that. It was one heck of a weekend! There I was, going around eating rum-caramel, without even sharing it with anybody.
        Kelly: That's the most horrible, sad...what happened in the long run?
        Scotty: Six cavities. An, uh...I took the pledge against demon rum.
        Kelly: Well, I drink then, in that case, to...mmm...to the sincerity and continued auspiciousness of...heh, heh...your pledge against the demon himself!

      • Kelly: (making a toast) I give you the success of our brilliant secret mission, and also a safe, honest passage to Greece.
        Scotty: Hear, hear!
        Kelly: (downs drink and pounds table) Mmm!
        Scotty: I don't see how you can drink that stuff, man.
        Kelly: Are you kidding, man? You oughta try this, because this is a Morocco Mule. I invented it myself as a trick on somebody else, and now I'm tricking myself!

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