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Season 1 Episode 6

The Loser

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 1965 on NBC
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The Loser

After the agents steal a load of heroin from smugglers, the crooks take Scotty hostage and offer him in exchange for their stolen goods. Scott's only hope of escape is a strung-out American nightclub singer who will do anything for a fix.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Mano beats Scott, the seam of his right sleeve is ripped at the shoulder. However, when he leaves the room, the rip has disappeared.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Jimmy: As far as bright ideas go, I think it stinks.
        Kelly: What's the matter, didn't you ever see a chorus girl pop out of a cake?
        Jimmy: You haven't got a figure for it. You'll get killed.
        Kelly: I dance pretty good, Jimmy.

      • Scotty: You can't do anything right, can you?
        Kelly: My legs went to sleep.
        Scotty: Legs went to sleep. Your legs went to sleep?
        Kelly: I wish you wouldn't keep saying that.
        Scotty: So they went to sleep, legs, did they?
        Kelly: You say that one more time, I'm going to punch you right in the mouth.
        Scotty: Go ahead. Take--take your best shot.
        Kelly: Untie my hands.
        Scotty: I'll untie your hands if you untie mine first.
        Kelly: I thought so, you're afraid of me.
        Scotty: Not afraid of you. I just don't want to hit a man whose legs go to sleep.

      • Scotty: Well, you know what Number One Son would always say in Charlie Chan?
        Kelly: What's that?
        Scotty: "They'll never think of looking for us here, Pop."
        Kelly: Number One Son was always wrong.
        Scotty: You had to bring that up.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Kelly: Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into.
        Kelly compares their situation to another comedy team that often got into trouble, referencing film comedian Oliver Hardy blaming his partner Stan Laurel for getting them into a sticky situation for the hundredth time.

      • Scotty: Well, you know what Number One Son would always say in Charlie Chan?
        Scotty, inspired by his surroundings, is referencing the fictional private investigator created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1926. Initially a detective with the Hawaiian police, Chan soon took cases throughout the world. The character moved on to radio, movies, comic strips, and television, and found his greatest success when portrayed by non-Asian actors such as the Swedish Warner Oland. The character, often considered stereotypical and racist, has been the subject of much controversy over the years.

      • Scotty: I'll have two houses and a hotel on Marvin Gardens.
        As Scotty laments his chance and Angel's for a normal life, referencing the Hasbro board game Monopoly, in which the players buy and sell property in an attempt to monopolize the board. Marvin Gardens is one of the yellow properties, and the object of the game is to develop houses on properties. After four houses are built, the owner can remove them and a hotel, enabling him to collect more rent.

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