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Season 1 Episode 15

The Tiger

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 1966 on NBC
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Kelly penetrates deep into the Vietnamese jungle in order to extract a philanthropic doctor and guerrilla fighter who's being lured out of hiding by the kidnapping of his daughter--Kelly's old love and an agent in her own right.

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    Lew Ayres

    Lew Ayres

    Dr. Owen Maclean

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    France Nuyen

    France Nuyen

    Sam Maclean

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    Robert Brubaker

    Robert Brubaker

    Colonel Gabe Wise

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    • QUOTES (5)

      • Scotty: You know, as soon as somebody touches you, you're going to fall apart at the seams.
        Kelly: It's not the pain of the thing that bothers me. It's uh, the agony.
        Scotty: This is not one of your friendly bedroom assignments.
        Kelly: I hope not. I would never make it.
        Scotty: All I ask is that you just don't get cute.
        Kelly: I never get cute.
        Scotty: You don't get cute. Mary Poppins the spy.

      • Kelly: Hey, Karachi, remember?
        Sam: I remember that lousy Russian broad. I remember her.
        Kelly: Oh, come on now, that's not--that's not fair. That was just line of duty anyway and you know it. While we're on the subject, I remember her partner with wonderful wavy hair. I remember him.
        Sam: You told me to get the microfilm from him. You didn't say anything about how.
        Kelly: I still say he wore a toupee.
        Sam: No he didn't.

      • Pilot: What is it makes you so sure he's down there?
        Scotty: He's my partner and my partner never dies. Now what do you think of that?

      • Kelly: Your daughter's quite right, sir, you are being foolish. In less than a month they will destroy everything you've built over the last 20 years with your help. Every faith, every belief that the people have ever had in you. Gone. You're not the kind of man who can stand by and watch that happen. You will go back on your word to them and they will kill you for it. You will not survive and that is a waste.

      • Kelly: It's pretty. From here.
        Scotty: Pretty. Is that all you can say in the face of such magnificence?
        Kelly: It's magnificent.
        Scotty: From here.
        Kelly: What would they do without us, I'd like to know that. Those millions down there. Without us to protect them from forces of evil, how would they survive?
        Scotty: About the same, actually.
        Kelly: Are you kidding? What about the back streets of intrigue and violence? The dark alleys of injustice? Horror, death.
        Scotty: What about them?
        Kelly: They're terrible places.
        Scotty: I never liked them.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Scotty: Mary Poppins the spy.
        Kelly compares his partner to a cultural epitome of saintliness, referencing the Disney movie Mary Poppins (1964), starring Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews and based on the book by P.L. Travers. In it a magical nanny who flies using an umbrella befriends two young children, along with her friend Bert the Chimney sweep.

      • Kelly: Unfortunately I can't knock her out like Terry and the Pirates and carry her down the street.
        Comparing his plight to the children's newspaper comic strip, referencing the daily strip created by Milton Caniff. Teenager Terry Lee adventures in China and then across the world Joining him in his adventures were girlfriend April Kane and Connie, a Chinese guides, fighting against threats such as the Dragon Lady, queen of the pirates. The strip continued until 1973 and was made into both a radio serial and a short-lived TV series starring John Baer.

      • Scotty: You're right about that, kemosabe.
        When Scotty is talking about his relationship to Kelly, referencing the the radio and TV series, The Lone Ranger. A Texas Ranger named Reid is the last survivor of an ambush. His childhood friend Tonto finds him and nurses him back to health. Reid dons a mask and rides into the Old West, fighting evil and tyranny with his faithful sidekick at his side. Tonto refers to his friend using the fictional term "kemosabe," which in various incarnations means either "trusty scout" or "faithful friend."