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Season 2 Episode 6

Trial by Treehouse

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 1966 on NBC



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    • Scott: Have you met Queen Victoria? Queen V here? My working class wife from Vassar.

    • Kelly: I have an idea. The guy digs hate, right?
      Col. Shayne: The letters reek of it.
      Kelly: Well, why don't we give him somebody to share it with?
      Scott: Hey, you know hate- that's a beautiful basis for friendship.

    • Scott: Did I imply you were unprofessional? I thought I said straight out that you were unprofessional.
      Vickie: I've been at it much longer than you, my dear friend.
      Scott: (unimpressed) Right, at an embassy; your idea of something dangerous is three martinis.

    • Vickie: You have to come back- I've washed all your socks!

    • Scott: The guy's got a delegation of VIPs coming and I figure we should be there too.
      Kelly: Well, I agree with that.
      Scott:Vickie's got all the details; you've got to be there by seven.
      Kelly: Well, I don't know. I hope I can make it.
      Scott: Well you can, can't you?
      Kelly: See, we've got to go in here and get tanked up, then we have to ride around the streets, yelling insults at old ladies and cars.
      Scott: (impatient) Well, you can make it, can't you?
      Kelly: I don't know, man, because I'm the social director.
      Scott: You would be.

    • Vickie: But you don't want to hurt anyone.
      Netty: (turns her pistol on Vickie) But I have. For him I have. And I can do worse, you know I can. Cause you know what it's like to love something violent (moves to leave). Keep him covered; a child shouldn't sleep cold.

    • Kelly: Where's Bernie?
      Scott: He's at the airport, chained him to a biplane.
      Kelly: How come?
      Scott: Well, mostly because I didn't have a helicopter.

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