I Survived a Japanese Game Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 102

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • Wow, it keeps getting better!

    This was a sensational episode, in my opinion. It was sad to hear that Ben quit the game, but I was personally happy to see Darcy back, because she seemed like a nice person, and I enjoy the underdog.

    I thought the human crane challenge was hilarious and fascinating to watch, and I really felt bad for Meaghan, when she struggled for the Green Monkeys.

    I was disappointed that Darcy was put up for elimination, considering she didn't partake in the challenge, but delighted to see Olga put up there.

    I loved watching the reward and punishment, and I found that really interesting!

    I thought that the Elimination Challenge was innovative and well-planned, just like the previous one, and I was ecstatic to see Olga eliminated.

    Overall, I rate this episode really highly, and I recommend it really highly as well! Just sensational!
  • Twists and turns! Real drama!

    Ben is severly sick and has to go home. To take his place is Darcy. The first game is a crane game. One person must be the crane and grab pandas, while the other three conrol the directions. The Yellow Penguins move their way to victory in this game, by grabbing 10 pandas. The Gree Monkeys, on the other hand, only got one panda. Sparks fly at the Green Monkeys because Meaghan, Mary and Darcy want to vote Donnell and Olga into the bottom two because of their loud mouths. Olga and Donnell form an alliance, but it doesn't last long as Donnell convinces Mary and Meaghan to put Darcy into the bottom two with Olga. Olga feels very betrayed. The Yellow Penguins enjoy a Japanese luxury spa, while the Green Monkeys must clean up at a pachinko place. Olga and Darcy face off for elimination in a game where you must deliver mail when a giant fan is blowing against you and the other contestant is throwing objects at you. Darcy wins and Olga goes home.

    This episode was good, but it also sucked. I liked Ben and I hope he feels better! I wanted Darcy gone for good!!! Then, she had to win! Olga was also a favorite of mine. I think they shouldn't put Darcy and Meaghan in the bottom two. Dang...well, that spa looked so nice! I want to try that once! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Crane games, no sense of direction, Monkey dance, Pachinko, Spa, Drama, Giant Fan, Stuffed bears, Olga bye, Darcy hi, Donnel hate, Yellow team appreciate. Majide!

    This episode, although amusing, was full of pure patheticness from the team whose elimation cost them two crucial players.

    Ben, older nice guy who left because of illness and Olga, gone because of a pathetic guy who backstabbed her and sent her to the elimination with... SURPRISE! DARCY! What a twist!

    In case you don't remember, Darcy is the one who was eliminated before, but because of Ben's sickness, she was called back to join the Green team.

    Besides the usual hissing of rival teams, Green is now seemingly split due to the mistake of one guy.

    That guy happens to be Donnell. Reasonably, he convinced the other girls to keep himself in, but as for Olga who stood up for him... She's put up for elimination with Darcy. ON HIS CALL! Another mistake he actually made was actually implying for Olga to win against Darcy. "Come on Olga, you gotta win against Darcy." Although that was the idea, should you really say it in front of Darcy?

    Unfortunately, Olga lost to her and who's to blame but Donnell? And now relations with Darcy isn't all that hot for him at all. Great going man! Way to use that noggin of yours!

    With only one key character in the green team, looks like yellow's got an advantage. Plus adding the fact that Darcy's still in there, Yellow REALLY has an advantage.

    Goodbye Olga, sorry you had to be kicked off before your time. You will certainly be missed for your fun and awesome personality, though it was a short brief time. And hopefully we'll see you again.