I Survived a Japanese Game Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 105

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 22, 2008 on ABC

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  • Once again, amazing! More great strategising by Meaghan!

    Yet another episode, and I thought this was just as great as the previous one. I loved the twist of sending a Yellow Penguin to the Green Monkeys, and I was surprised that Cathy volunteered to do so.

    I wasn't surprised at the challenge, but I still felt that the game was hilarious, and I can't belive how amazing it was. I also enjoyed the challenge and punishment, especially the Japanese man at the punishment!

    Also, I thought that Meaghan was extremely smart in her strategising and I think she deserves to win because of that!

    I was disappointed by the elimination, because it involved too much luck. The panda and gorilla were a great addition as well!

    However, I will highly recommend this episode because there were two sensational challenges.
  • Great episode but also very sad.

    The Green Monkeys are short a person, so Cathy volunteers to go over to their team. The game is to shoot or throw balls at the person with velcro, while two other opponents try to move the velcro person out of the way. Bilenda is the velcro person for the Yellow Penguins. Justin and Andrew are very accurate in their aim because Donnell and Meaghan are moving Bilenda in a pendulum-type rhythm. They get 24 balls on Bilenda. Cathy is the velcro person for the Green Monkeys. Justin and Andrew yank her around and Donnell can't aim right and Meaghan barely does anything. They only get 7 balls on Cathy. The Yellow Penguins got to go visit a Shinto shrine, while the Green Monkeys made mochi. It was a hard decision for elimination, so the Yellow Monkeys made it for them. Meaghan and Andrew form a plan to try and get Donnell out and keep Meaghan in. They voted Cathy and Donnell in, in order to get rid of Donnell. The game is to swing at some doors and try and get three solid ones in the fastest times. The unsolid ones break and it takes time to go back around, plus, a panda and gorilla attack you. Cathy loses and Donnell wins.

    This episode was great! I think Meaghan is extremely smart in planning how to get around from being eliminated. I did think she should've been in the round with Donnell though. I hate Donnell!! I didn't want Cathy to go home. I give this episode a 10!